The so-called Islamists believe that all countries conquered by Muslims in the past, for example, Spain, southern Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Armenia, Georgia, Crimea, India, western China, and, certainly, Israel are a Muslim waqf.

Here is a quote from Hadith, which is included in the Hamas Charter, and which Hamas supporters and other Muslim enemies of Israel are citing to justify their war to destroy Israel:

“This is the law governing the land in Palestine according to Sharia law, and the same applies to any land conquered by Muslims by force, because during the period of conquest, Muslims dedicated these lands to future generations of Muslims until the Day of Judgment.

    “It happened like this: when the leaders of the Islamic armies conquered Syria and Iraq, they sent to the Caliph of Muslims, Omar bin el Khattab, asking his advice regarding the conquered land — should they divide it among the soldiers, or leave it to the current owners, or something else? After consultations and discussions between the Caliph of Muslims, Omar bin el-Khattab and the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), it was decided that the land should be left to its current owners, who can use its harvest. As for the real ownership of land, and the country itself, it should be dedicated to generations of Muslims up to the Day of Judgment.

Those who sit on the earth are on it only to receive its fruits. This Waqf (common property of Muslims) will remain as long as earth and heaven exist.

    Any procedure that is contrary to the Islamic Sharia as it relates to Palestine is invalid. «

 Well, thanks to Caliph Omar for allowing Christians and Jews to stay on their land and enjoy its fruits (and pay tribute to Muslims).

   And here is what the Qur’an says specifically about the Holy Land, and not about Syria and Iraq:

    Sura 5 Al Ma’ida (Meal):

Musa (Moses) said to his people: “O my people! Remember the mercy that Allah showed you when he created prophets among you, made you kings and gave you something that he did not give to any of the worlds.

Oh, my people! Step on the sacred land that Allah has prescribed for you, and do not turn back, otherwise, you will return as a loss. «


Hamas, which calls itself the party of Islam, demands to expel or kill those Jews who do not agree to get out of the country that Allah himself prescribed to the Jews. The demand of Hamas and of all the so-called «Islamists» directly contradicts the command of Allah, which is written in the Koran.

Let us note that the message of the Caliph is about Syria and Iraq, and not about the Holy Land. Just Hamas claims that the instruction of Khalif Omar ibn al Khattab also applies to the Holy Land, contrary to the Koran. Thus, Hamas declares that regarding Palestine, the Caliph contradicts the unambiguous prescription of Allah, written in the Koran.

All Muslims know that if there is a contradiction between what is written in the Hadiths and what is indicated in the Qur’an, then the Qur’an is preferred. Hamas and other «Islamists» have violated the most important law of Islam. Can they be recognized as devout Muslims?

Yes, the Prophet Muhammad forbade the Jews expelled from Arabia to return to their native places in Arabia. But Palestine has never been part of Arabia. Neither the Qur’an nor the Hadith forbids Jews from returning to the land that Allah has prescribed for them. In fact, the ban on Zionism was imposed by various conquerors who ruled Palestine for the last thousand years.

First, the Christian crusaders staged a total massacre of those Jews who remained in their homeland starting from ancient times. Few survived this massacre. Salah ad-Din saved the remnants of the Jews and allowed them to resettle in Jerusalem.

After Saladin, all Muslim rulers forbade the Jews of the diaspora to return to their country. This total ban on Zionism was violated only by the outstanding Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. With his consent, the Jews expelled from Spain and Italy settled in Safed, Tiberias, Jerusalem, and Hebron, where the so-called «Arabized» Jews, called Mustaarab or Moriscos, lived long before their arrival.

Unfortunately, all the other sultans of Turkey, up to the last Sultan Abdulhamid II, prohibited Zionism. The Palestinian neighbors of the Jews supported this policy of the authorities and did not miss the opportunity to rob, kill, demand ransom for the kidnapped or arrange a pogrom against unarmed Jews. Such is the story.

The British conquerors promised to allow Zionism, and under this promise, they obtained a League of Nations mandate to rule Palestine. In fact, the British colonial authorities first put at the head of the Palestinians Amin al Husseini, who organized pogroms on Jews and then the same British banned Zionism at the request of their former protégé.

The British authorities, following the example of the Turkish sultans, distributed free of charge most of the public lands of Palestine to the Arab landowners. The Jews bought part of this land from the landlords for huge sums of money. Sure, British colonial officials have gotten a good deal of money from this scam.

………… ..

If I were a believing Muslim, I would probably think: how did it happen that, despite the attacks of powerful enemies, Israel was able to survive in the 1948 war? And why did the Palestinians flee their homes at the call of their leader, Amin al Husseini? Perhaps Allah himself confused their thoughts and instilled in unfounded fear?

In fact, Amin’s calculation was logical: when the Muslims learned about the mass exodus of the Palestinians, they staged pogroms to Jews in all Islamic countries and forced their governments to start a war against Israel. The British, who did not dare to commit genocide against Jews with their own hands just three years after they stopped Hitler, also wanted the same. They offered this dirty job to the Muslims.

In the war of 1948, the still unbuilt state of Israel resisted not only the armies of the Arab regimes dependent on Britain. The main military force of the anti-Zionist coalition was the so-called «Arab Legion» of Great Britain. This Legion formally obeyed the King of Jordan, but actually carried out the orders of the British commander and British officers. Not to mention British arms and ammunition.

The Arabs fought against Israel with British weapons for British money. It was not so much the Arabs, but the British Empire that was trying to destroy Israel. Why did this criminal plan fail? Maybe the Muslim soldiers did not want to commit a crime against Allah and their faith? Maybe this miracle was done by Allah himself, who prescribed the Holy Land to the Jews?

Then, in 1967, it was not Great Britain, but the Soviet Union that pushed the Arabs into a new war to destroy Israel. The USSR donated as many weapons to the Arabs as they could accept. Secretly and openly, the Russians incited Muslims to a war to destroy Israel. And again there occurred a great failure. Perhaps it was Allah who confused the thoughts of Muslims and instilled fear? Or did the Muslims understand that they were acting against the will of their God, against the Koran, and therefore did not strive for victory?

During the Arab Spring sponsored by Obama and Europe, Israel found itself on the brink of a new war of survival. Egypt’s Islamist president, Morsi, staged a typical pre-war provocation. He sent his men, dressed in the uniform of Israeli soldiers, and they attacked the stronghold of the Egyptian army, one of the many with which Egypt stuck to the border with Israel. Dozens of Egyptian soldiers were killed.

The people and army of Egypt were seething with anger and thirsty for revenge, the war against Israel. And then Allah advised General Al Sisi to make a coup, to remove Morsi, to prevent the war. Morsi’s crime was exposed, he was convicted, for a good reason.

…………… ..

Every fourth surah of the Quran includes a story of Moses, about how Allah ordered Moses to bring the Children of Israel to the Holy Land. It turns out that the «Muslims» who demand the destruction of Israel did not read the Koran, or they deliberately violate the orders of Allah. If they believe the Qur’an, how can they seek the destruction of Israel?

Allah is clearly on the side of Israel. The so-called «Islamists» are going against the will of God, violating the foundations of Islam. Hamas are fake Muslims. Erdogan is a fake Muslim. Iranian Ayatollahs are fake Muslims who glorify the Jewish Holocaust, perpetrated by Europeans, not Muslims.

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