The Palestinians were allies of Hitler, primarily in order to exterminate the Jews. Hitler gave the green light to the extermination of all Jews in the Middle East and paid the salary to the Palestinian leader Amin al-Husseini, to whom he conferred the rank of Sturmbannfuehrer.

After World War II, Husseini returned to Palestine and became the undisputed leader of the Palestinian people. He again tried to organize the genocide of the Jews, this time with the help of the Arab states and the British Empire. He failed because of the unexpected victory of Israel. The only thing he succeeded in was the Palestinian Nakba. Amin al-Husseini called on the Palestinians to leave the territory allocated to the State of Israel by the UN decision.

Not Jews, but Palestinians behave like Hitler and then fail like their revered idol. The Palestinian people suffered because of their own mistakes, as did the German people. The problem is that the Palestinian people persist in these mistakes, mainly due to the incitement of anti-Semites and the generous flow of money and weapons. The Palestinians have adapted to «aid» and are making money by turning the war against Israel their main business.


Israel recognized Palestine by signing the Oslo Accords. I am a witness, the Israeli government under Rabin and the people of Israel have done everything possible to appease the Palestinian neighbors despite their bloody terror.

Through the so-called terror of Oslo, Arafat forced the assassination of Rabin. Rabin was too coward to dare say no to Oslo’s initiator Clinton. The people of Israel could no longer tolerate the daily horror under the pretext of «making peace.»

Some student, Yigal Amir, took the law into his own hands and tried to end the bloody «peace process» by killing Rabin. There are many signs that Israel’s security service has enabled Amir to fulfill his plan. In fact, Amir did not stop the «peace process». Rabin’s Labor Party was defeated in the elections that took place soon after. Democracy exists to change the government without coups and assassinations.

… …………

The Palestinians have rejected peace and continue to try to destroy Israel. Their efforts are supported by all the anti-Semites of planet Earth, from the Ayatollahs of Iran to Europe, the United Nations, Louis Farakhan, and some American Democrats. Including Jewish globalist tycoons.

The Palestinians, like Hitler, are seeking to exterminate the Jews. Their intentions are realistic because anti-Semites control the world village and support the Palestinian war to destroy Israel under the pretext that we have “taken over” our country. Incidentally, the Arabs continue to control 80% of the former Palestine mandate, as the result of two partitions of the territory.

There have been many attempts to appease the Palestinians, but they reject all attempts of compromise. Hamas is intensively preparing for the destruction of Israel and rejects any dialogue. Mahmoud Abbas rejected all reasonable peace proposals, including those of Obama and Trump.

Our dispute with the Palestinians is not over the borders. The dispute is about the existence of Israel. Hamas does not hide that its goal is to destroy Israel. The people of Israel oppose the withdrawal from the West Bank, reasonably fearing shelling and rockets. We are fed up with shelling us from Gaza, after the forced withdrawal of troops under pressure from the UN, the United States, and Europe.

Once again, the dispute is not over borders. The dispute is about the very existence of Israel. There should be no further “disengagements”. Palestinians must learn to live under the control of the Israeli security forces. For some reason, this absolutely necessary control is called occupation.

I believe that only ending the anti-Semitic support for Palestine will help establish peace between Jews and Palestinians. I hope Biden will not return to the policy of pressure on Israel. Such a policy only exacerbates the conflict, because the Palestinians and all anti-Semites gain self-confidence and attack again.

Trump and Kushner have proved that the United States can maintain good relations with Arabs while supporting Israel. In order to protect the interests of the United States, there is no need to grovel in front of the Islamists, as Obama did.

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