Our situation is much more dangerous than it seems at first glance. Demonstrations demanding a change of government are just PR, which covers up an attempt of an anti-democratic coup. After three elections in which the voters had their say, the leader of the minority declared a «revolution.»


At the same time, the revolutionary troll Gantz threatened the democratically elected head of government and leader of Israel’s largest party with nothing more than a «civil war.» Let’s remember that the Likud today is the only Israel-wide, non-sectoral party. Gantz, who has half the mandates of Netanyahu, is actually demanding supreme power.


“Revolution” and “civil war” in a democratic state is verbiage behind which lies a prosaic military coup, like those adopted in the states of the Third World.


A “revolution” that aims to eliminate democracy is a crime against the state and the people. It’s time to deal with our «revolutionaries». Let me remind you that the Bolsheviks dispersed the democratically elected Duma a month after the violent seizure of power.


There should be one prime minister, not two as today. Gantz has already failed his exam for prime minister. We have no real government now. The anarchy must end. Netanyahu postponed the election decision for three months, but three months will pass by quickly and the decision will have to be made.


In order to save democracy and put a solid government in power, we have to hold another election, which Gantz is so afraid of. And it is best to return to the system of direct elections of the prime minister, which was adopted in our country in the late 90s but did not last long and was canceled. Now the Knesset must decide. If the deputies do not want to end up in a landfill or in prison as a result of a coup, sorry, “revolution”, they must unite and adopt the necessary law.



The “revolutionaries” tried to overthrow Bibi with the help of the police and the government’s legal adviser, who had served as a military prosecutor and judge for most of his career. It was Netanyahu who turned to the people for support and held elections, which is consistent with the principles of democracy.


The revolutionaries, or rather the conspirators, failed to gain a majority, even despite the general media support for the cause of the «revolution». My proposal is to elect a prime minister directly. If Gantz, or Lapid, or Lieberman wins, then let them form the government. But for some reason, Gantz and Lieberman do not want a democratic solution to the problem.


Gantz is trying to seize power from within the government, using the usual military methods of the «game of superiority.» He has a lot of experience in these games. The problem is that his games have deprived the state of effective governance. The post of prime minister is counter-indicated for him, much less the post of defense minister, which he uses to blackmail all people with the threat of army interference in politics, sorry, «civil war». I believe Netanyahu should immediately fire Gantz and call an election.

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