While the epidemic is “calming down” in most countries of the world, in Israel the death rates are growing at an alarming rate. So, over the past month in Italy, there were almost no victims. Today, the percentage of deaths from the total population has stabilized in the three countries that I have chosen to control, that is, in the USA, Italy and Sweden. In Israel, this percentage is still lower, about 5 times, but it is growing at an alarming rate. The people returned to work, the children returned to schools and kindergartens.

But in Greece and Palestine, the death rate from the crown is still one of the lowest in the world.

With Palestine, everything is clear, we have just witnessed how it works. When Hamas decided it didn’t have enough money, it staged a couple of show attacks on Israel. Netanyahu was afraid that this would affect the result of the upcoming elections, and brought a large sum to Gaza, a “gift” from Qatar.


Gazans do not need to leave their homes, to work, send their children to nurseries. For fun, it is enough to shoot at «these Jews.» Then there will be food and rockets, and there will be no COVID.

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