After the Corona, the world will be different, but not the way globalists wanted to see it. The current pandemic is one of the negative consequences of excessive globalization. The uncontrolled relocation of a huge number of people spreads pandemics one after another. The Coronavirus differs from others only in its greater cruelty and insufficient means of saving lives.


The elimination of national borders is good for globalists, for terrorists, and for pandemics. During and after the Corona, we will have to restore border control, to control tourism and business from a medical point of view. This is unpleasant and expensive, but there is no other way.


The burden of the fight against the corona rests with national governments, which the globalists want to deprive of power.


What has the UN done, what have the globalists done, what have the eurocrats done to stop the attack? But Soros (and not only) wants to abuse the inevitable crisis in order to make national governments dependent on global money bags. And at the same time to destroy democracy.


We elect our national governments, while globalists appointed themselves rulers of the world without being elected. We will have to defend from globalists our national independence and the democratic principle of building power.