The State of Palestine was created in 1993 due to Oslo Accords. Just the Jewish State and not Arabs laid the foundations of the Palestinian state. Let’s recall, in 1948 the Arabs prevented Palestinians from creating their own Palestine state. By trying to annihilate Israel, the Palestinians undermined the peace process, so thwarting the creation of their own state.

No matter that someone considers Palestine or Israel to be illegitimate. Both of these states do really exist. Since it was created, the Palestinian state cannot be returned to the womb. Our challenge is to solve the Palestinian problem in such a way that Israel will not die.

Likewise, it does not matter why and who created the parasitic people, called the “Palestinians”. For centuries, the ancestors of the Palestinian people robbed Christian and Jewish pilgrims to the Holy Land. Currently, the Palestinians turned the supposed victimhood into their profession, which ensures Palestine not so bad income.

Anyway, this nation has already been created and is threatening to destroy Israel in one way or another. Please note: for many decades, the Palestinian people have been waging a war for the destruction of Israel relying entirely on the money of «donors», and there still remain funds for living for most Palestinians and luxury for those Palestinians who distribute this considerable money. Not to mention a considerable amount of military and officials.


In order to become a truly independent state, the Palestinians must build their economic independence, relying on cooperation with Israel and abandoning the idea of ​​destroying the Jewish state.

This path was outlined by the Oslo Accords, which were theoretically correct, but practically frustrated by the Palestinians and the anti-Semites who encouraged them. Both took advantage of the hasty withdrawal of the IDF from the West Bank and Gaza.

The central idea of Oslo was developing of modern, economically independent State of Palestine, due to intensive cooperation between Israel and Palestine. Unfortunately, the Palestinian «revolutionary» leadership had another idea. They broke economic ties with Israel, burned and blew up more than 10 already existing industrial zones, and intended to finance their newly founded state just like they obtained funds for their terrorist organizations.

To some extent, their idea works. However, the rapidly growing population and military expenditures ate billions of dollars. To replenish budget holes, Palestine needs more and more «aid», more and more skirmishes, more and more anti-Semitic propaganda.   

It may seem a paradox, but just the occupation of Palestine by Israel is necessary to create an economically independent Palestinian state. After the Oslo Accords were signed, the Palestinians were tempted by promises by anti-Semites to help them destroy Israel. Therefore they refused to create their own independent economy. This way the proclaimed independence turned a fiction.

It’s time for Palestinians to fix their own mistakes. Those who really want good to the Palestinian people should push them at least to economic cooperation with Israel, and to renounce the shelling and terror. To achieve this, there is no need to sign new agreements. It’s enough a mutual consent to return to the path of Oslo.

The anti-Semites, who loudly “support” Palestine, actually deprive the Palestinians of the opportunity to create a truly independent state. Today, Palestine is not an independent state, but a protectorate, that is a colony of anti-Semites.


Hamas pledges to destroy Israel not only (and not so much) to the Palestinians as to its foreign sponsors. If Hamas changes its principled position, the flow of money and other “help” to Gaza will immediately run out.

In fact, Israel is forced to fight for survival against the powerful and wealthy anti-Semites of the planet. In this unequal struggle, we are not going to give up, but we need more active help from our friends around the world.

In order to get the support we need, we must recognize the existence of the Palestinian people, even if some of us do not like it. Accordingly, the fact of the existence of a Palestinian state, or of two Palestinian states (in the West Bank and Gaza), created with or without our consent, must be recognized.

After recognizing the Palestinian states, let’s declare a formal and de facto war on these warlike states, which will imply the legally continued occupation of the West Bank. The occupation of enemy territory, according to international law, is a legal means of defense against aggression.

Strictly speaking, Israel has long recognized Palestine when it signed the Oslo Treaty. The State of Israel has not withdrawn from this treaty and is implementing it as much as possible. In accordance with this treaty, Palestine recognized the state of Israel and the legality of Jewish settlements that existed then (the treaty does not contain a word about the eviction of Jews from their homes). Note that all Jewish settlements are located in the so-called zone «C», which I will call «Judea and Samaria.»

Under the Oslo Treaty, which remains the sole legal basis for relations between Israel and Palestine, “Zone C” remains to this day under Israeli jurisdiction. Let Israel to finally clarify the question of the borders of Palestine and formally annex “Zone C”. Since Palestine has withdrawn from the Oslo treaty, Israel has the legal right to fulfill the treaty unilaterally, that is, to annex Zone C, namely Judea and Samaria.

This means, in particular, that all residents of «zone C», Jews and Arabs, will obtain the right to Israeli citizenship. Well, we will have more Arab fellow citizens. We will be able to get along with these new citizens, as we get along with our “old” Arab fellow citizens. Who does not want citizenship, will be able to obtain the rights of a «resident». The only difference between a citizen and a “resident” is the participation of citizens in the elections.

If the Palestinians finally will realize that economic development due to peace with Israel is more important to them than the cash infusions from anti-Semitic “sponsors,” then it will be possible to re-discuss the issue of “borders of the peace.” The annexation of Zone C should be an incentive that will encourage the Palestinian people to make concessions, in order to gain more territory.


Hamas’s attempts to «flood» Israel with the hostile «civilians» outwardly resemble the massive influx of Middle Eastern and African immigrants into Europe. In order to prevent the “dissolution” of the Jewish state in a host of hostile “immigrants”, we must establish a physical and legal border, separating Palestine from Israel. To achieve this we must recognize at least two Palestinian states as independent, even if today such recognition does not yet correspond to the actual state of affairs. Let’s say this step will be “politically correct”.


Since 2006, Palestine has been divided into two states, the West Bank and Gaza. It is time to acknowledge the fait accompli, that is, the division of Palestine into two states hostile to us, which are waging a war with the purpose to annihilate us, each by the methods available to them.


Non-recognition of the facts only harms us in our struggle for survival. Anti-Semites have the opportunity to portray us as «invaders», oppressing the unfortunate «natives.» Just for the Jewish state, the image is very important, especially because of confrontation between Jews and anti-Semites that dominate the World Village.