Recently, disputes have resumed in Israel over the question, who is responsible for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. Apparently, this is due to the possible revival of the “Rabin coalition”, a quarter of century after the defeat of this left coalition in the 90-s. The Rabin Coalition has adopted the Oslo Accords and is responsible for its consequences, both positive and negative.


Mordechai Keidar, a professor of Arabic studies at Bar Ilan University, stated that Yitzhak Rabin was not killed by Yigal Amir, but by someone else, with the initials of I.R. It is believed that these are the initials of the bodyguard whom Keidar suspects of killing «Oslo’s father.» Let’s see how plausible this version is.


The entire process of the murder of Rabin was «accidentally» filmed in a video that was released a year after the murder. In addition, SHABAK (Israel’s security service) had an agent (Champagne) close to Igal Amir, so it was able to control his actions.


From here looms quite logical assumption: someone in the security service knew in advance about the impending murder of Rabin and gave Igal Amir the opportunity to carry out his plan.


Many suggest (see Wikipedia) that Rabin should be killed in order to avoid the inevitable defeat of the Avoda party in the upcoming elections in a year. In addition, the videotape showed that two minutes before Rabin, Shimon Peres, the true author of the Oslo Accords, passed by Igal Amir. Amir did not touch him.


«The most right-wing» people claim that Rabin himself was guilty of his death. Indeed, for the sake of promoting the Oslo agreements, Yitzhak Rabin repeatedly violated the rules adopted in a democratic state, imposed his policies on the majority contrary to protests, and actually unleashed a civil war. He ignored the warnings of his advisers about the dangers of the Oslo process. The people of Israel paid a high price for his experiment.


Arafat did everything to break the Oslo Accords that he himself signed, to force on Rabin canceling of the agreements, or that Rabin’s party would lose the support of the voters and lose the election. Then the right, who subjected Rabin to sharp (and reasonable) criticism, would win the election and cancel the agreement. Using terror against the civilian population of Israel, Arafat drove Rabin into a trap.


Why and for what purpose did Arafat do this? To understand his behavior, we will have to return to 1948. Then 18-year-old Yasser Arafat, aka Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Abd ar-Rauf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini, became close to his relative Amin al Husseini, the head of the rich and powerful clan. Amin al Husseini has become a mentor and patron of a budding family member. Young Arafat al-Qudwa fell under the influence of his personality and his ideas.


In fact, Amin al Husseini was completely absorbed in one idea: to exterminate Jews throughout the world, throughout the Middle East, but primarily in Palestine. First, Amin organized the first Intifada in Palestine (1936-1939), directed against the Jews and against his former patrons, the British. Then he staged a pogrom in Baghdad (Farhud) and escaped to Hitler. In Berlin, Amin received from his new friend “OK” to exterminate all Jews in the Middle East.


After Hitler’s defeat, Amin al Husseini was awaiting a court in Nuremberg over his doings in Bosnia (1942-1944), but managed to negotiate with his old masters, the British, that helped him to escape from prison (1946). Then, due to the help of the British, Amin imposed his leadership over the High Arab Committee (of Palestine), eliminating Nashashibi, the supporters of the alliance with the Jews against the British colonial empire.


In order to draw the governments of the Arab states into the war against the Jews, and give Britain a pretext to intervene on the side of the Palestinians, Amin organized Nakba, a mass exodus of Palestinians from the territory allotted by the UN to the future state of Israel.


Now let’s to 1999. We may see similar Nakba, with a similar purpose, however not in Palestine, but in Kosovo. The massive organized exodus of Kosovars became the pretext for the massive bombing of Serbia by NATO forces.


In 1948, Great Britain indeed intervened in the conflict on the side of the Palestinians. The main military force, that aimed at Israel yet before its birth, was British «Arab» legion, the force, established, trained and financed by Great Britain, and ordered by British commander and British officers. However, nominally, the Legion was subordinated to Jordan.


But after the WWII the British were no longer the omnipotent empire. The hands of the British tied the United States and the USSR. The newborn Jewish State stood firmly against Legion, Egyptian, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese forces, plus 50.000 militiamen of Amin al Husseini.


For internal and foreign political reasons, the British were embarrassed to arrange with their own hands, just 3 years after the Holocaust an additional Holocaust. The British transferred this bloody task to al Husseini, who had the experience of “working” under Hitler.


However, he did not cope with the task, having been defeated in his first battles against the Jews. Therefore, Amin relied on the involvement of the Arabs and Great Britain in the Jewish-Palestinian conflict, for which Nakba was needed as the incentive…


In 1991, Yasser Arafat repeated the brilliant maneuver of his mentor and spiritual father, Amin al Husseini, who managed to run across to the side of the winner, on time. After the fall of the USSR and the collapse of the Soviet bloc, Arafat made a political flip and moved from under the auspices of the USSR to the service of the West, which became the sole owner of the planet.


He was accepted, under the condition that he recognizes Israel and agrees to Oslo. Arafat did what he was asked to, but did not completely abandon the ultimate goal, the destruction of Israel. Immediately after the signing of the treaty, Arafat began a terrorist-political game with the goal of forcing his Israeli partners to abandon the agreements and give the Palestinians an occasion to launch a campaign to de-legitimize and destroy Israel, this time with Western support.


To this end, he, on the one hand, sought “painful” concessions from Rabin, which should have caused, with their impudent injustice, indignation and protest from the majority of Israelis, and, on the other hand, resumed terrorist acts to cause even greater indignation and a civil war between Jews.


In the two years before the assassination of Rabin, Palestinian terrorists sent by Arafat committed a number of crimes with the obvious goal of undermining the support of the «peace process» by the people of Israel. They managed to provoke a confrontation between the “Rabin coalition” and the Jewish majority. The culmination of this confrontation was the assassination of Rabin. This murder was the first and last act of the civil war in Israel. The war that Yasser sought.


Arafat was interested in having the Government of Israel formally abandon the Oslo Accords. Then he could get direct support from the US and Europe in the destruction of Israel. Let me remind you, Russia in this period left the game, the West remained the only player in the unipolar world. Serbia experienced the force that Arafat planned to send against Israel.


In view of the danger facing Israel, Rabin resisted the powerful pressure of Oslo’s opponents and refused to cancel the agreement, despite the apparent failure of the «peace process.» If in 1993 he still had illusions about a possible historical compromise with the Palestinians “at the cost of painful concessions,” then in 1995 the illusions vanished.


Despite this, Rabin did not want to give the cards to Arafat. Having abolished Oslo, Rabin might cause a confrontation between Israel and the rest of the world, which could have disastrous consequences for the Jewish state.


It seems that Rabin sincerely believed that after the win of elections Netanyahu would first cancel the Oslo Accords and give the international community an excuse to eliminate Israel in the same way that the power of whites in South Africa was abolished.


The threat to the existence of the Jewish state was more than real. Rabin realized that he had already lost, that the enemy with whom he had made peace was actually planning to destroy him himself and his people. And that the West, which pushed him to Oslo’s suicidal step, betrayed him.


In such a hopeless situation, Rabin could agree to stage the assassination attempt in order to get an occasion to suppress the right, that demanded the abolition of Oslo, or to commit suicide by the hands of Igal Amir, so that without shame and damage to his party he would transfer the reins of power to Peres, his rival, who ended up in same boat with Rabin.


And here is the third version: Rabin planned to stage the attempt of assassination as a pretext to establish a dictatorship and suppress the protests. But the wise Perez with the help of the SHABAK turned the stage into a real murder, thereby saved us from loss of democracy and civil war.


He made Rabin a national hero and a “victim of peace” in order to win the election in the wake of his popularity. As it turned out, Yasir Arafat, who was interested in disrupting the Oslo agreement, prevented Peres from electoral victory.


Professor Keidar’s version is that Rabin staged his own murder, that Yigal Amir, without knowing it, fired blank shots and then Rabin was killed by his bodyguard on the way to the hospital.


The main reason for this version is the well-known fact that someone from the entourage of Rabin at the time of the attack cried out: “these are idle shots”. In fact, this phrase does not prove that the shots were idle. But this fact proves that someone from Rabin’s entourage knew in advance about the impending assassination attempt, considered him a staging, and therefore did not prevent the murder.


According to another version, the initiative to kill Rabin came directly from Yasser Arafat, who was interested in disrupting the Oslo agreement, while Rabin kept it stubbornly against common sense. Maybe, the patrons of Palestine helped him to perform the task. They could tell Rabin that the attempt would be staged, but in fact, he was really killed, just like it is performed in the American action movie.


In any case, even if the murderer was not Yigal Amir, but someone else, he was not an initiator, but a pawn.


Whoever was right in the dispute about the direct executor, the murder (or suicide?) of Rabin was forced by Yasser Arafat and his patrons.




Despite the sacrifice, after the murder of Rabin, Peres lost the election, he was defeated by Netanyahu. This outcome was also predetermined by Yasser Arafat: on the eve of the election, he arranged for the Israeli voters a new series of demonstrative terror actions. For example, the heroic fighters of the Palestinian Revolution shot at the point-blank range a baby «settler» who was traveling with his parents in the Jordan Valley. A week before the election, forecasts indicated Peres’ victory, but then “for some reason” the people of Israel changed their minds.


Why did Arafat choose Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel? He apparently hoped that Netanyahu would abandon the Oslo Accords and provoke a universal campaign of “defenders of offended Palestine”, following the example of the campaign of fighters against apartheid, or defenders of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo.


Netanyahu did not live up to Arafat’s expectations. He continued negotiations and even entered into a Wye Plantation agreement, the last of the Oslo agreements. Netanyahu acted wisely, depriving Arafat of the pleasure of starting a massive Intifada against Israel with the support of the United States and Europe. During the bombing of Serbia by NATO forces (1999), Arafat vainly called on the West to bomb Israel as well.


After that, someone tried to remove this sly Netanyahu with the help of fake accusations and media hype, just like today, but to no avail. Ultimately, the Netanyahu coalition was then destroyed by bribery and promises. Also reminiscent of today.


After Netanyahu, Ehud Barak came, and Arafat beat him easily: with his impudent, impossible demands, he forced Barak to refuse to sign a new agreement. Since the hope for the “Serbian version” did not materialize, Arafat headed for Intifada.


For lack of a better pretext, Arafat seized the opportunity (Ariel Sharon climbed the Temple Mount) and unleashed the Intifada, having behind him the support of Europe and cowardly maneuvering George W. Bush, who trampled into Iraq and Afghanistan only to show the public that he was “fighting against terror”. Bush did not want to fight against the terrorist and war criminal Arafat.


Regarding Sharon, in the past, he fell into the trap of Sabra and Shatila, which the agents of Hafez al-Assad arranged for him, and without making conclusions, fell into the trap of Arafat on the Temple Mount. The next trap that Ariel Sharon drove us into was the Disengagement.


Netanyahu was and remained smarter than Sharon and all his current rivals, that abuse again the law court and the “fourth power”.