At the heart of the Israeli leftist idea is the proverb «Do not be fair, be smart.» Say, make concessions to the enemy in exchange for peace.


These days, attempts are being made to revive the power of the left minority over the people of Israel. They are talking about the same coalition that a quarter of a century ago adopted and tried to implement the Oslo Accords.


As we know, all attempts to implement or revive these agreements failed miserably. The Oslo Process did not lead to peace, but undermined the security of the people of Israel. Instead of “peace in exchange for territory” we got a war without territory sufficient for self-defense. The Oslo process revived the idea of ​​destroying the state of Israel.


The main problem of these agreements was that they ignored the existence of a worldwide anti-Semitic campaign against the Jewish state, and the need to protect us from antisemitic aggression. Oslo ignored the unlimited support provided by all anti-Semitic forces to the “Palestinian cause”, whose officially proclaimed goal is the genocide of the Jews and the destruction of the Jewish state.


Today, like a quarter of a century ago, the Israeli left proposes to achieve peace with the Palestinians by unilateral concessions and the violation of the legitimate rights of the people of Israel: the right to self-defense, the right to live in Judea and Samaria, and the right to the united Jerusalem, where the majority of population wants to keep unity.


Allegedly, if we satisfy the anti-Semites due to the retreat of the Israel Defense Forces from the West Bank, and transfer of Jews from Judea and Samaria, and also agree to divide Jerusalem and give control of the Temple Mount to Muslims, then anti-Semites will have mercy on us and stop trying to destroy the Jewish state and the new Holocaust .


But in fact, eliminating pretexts will not eliminate the causes of anti-Semitic aggression against Israel and against all Jews. We learned from our own experience that any manifestation of weakness on our side only provokes a new attack of anti-Semitic frenzy.


Oslo led to Intifada, which was another attempt to destroy the Jewish state, and «Disengagement» led to the ongoing aggression of the Islamists from Gaza, which was supported by the entire world of anti-Semites.


OK, one of the pretexts for aggression against Israel is that anti-Semites deny the right of Jews to live in Judea and Samaria. They invent various excuses and justification for the transfer of Jews, the most “strong” of which is the alleged “illegality” of Jewish settlements.


I carefully checked the argument of “illegality of settlements” and made sure that all the Jewish cities and villages of Judea and Samaria that exist today are by 100% legal, in accordance with international law. The transfer of Jews from Judea and Samaria by the left is unjust and illegal.


As well as the partition of Jerusalem, where the majority wants this city to remain the indivisible capital of the state of Israel. Let me remind you that the UN program for the partition of Palestine (1947) required a referendum for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, which will decide which of the two states will include a united Jerusalem. The current state (that is united Jerusalem is part of Israel) is lawful and fair.


Yes, for the sake of peace, it is worth discussing the joint control of Jews, Muslims and Christians over the holy places of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron. Basically, these holy places are common to all three «Abrahamic» religions.


These holy places should unite, and not divide, the followers of the three religions. This will be possible if spiritual and political leaders agree on the conditions for cooperation and joint control over common holy places.


And finally, the main question is the withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces. So far, the presence of the IDF in the West Bank ensured Abu Mazen’s control over the Palestinian Authority. If our forces are withdrawn from there, then the same things will inevitably repeat, that happened when our army left the West Bank during the Oslo period. Let me remind you, then Fatah, under the leadership of Arafat, together with Hamas, carried out direct aggression against the Jewish state.


If we withdraw troops from the West Bank again, then the entire densely populated coastal part of Israel will be the object of direct missile and artillery shelling. This is what Yasser Arafat dreamed of: the mass exodus of the Jews and the creation of a Muslim majority in the country, which will fall entirely under his rule, perhaps with the remnants of the Jews. Hamas is seeking the same to this day.


As a matter of fact, the goal of all terrorist acts, all the rocket attacks to which we have been and are being subjected, is the same: to induce us to flee. We learned to fight against terror and missiles. But the means of protection against artillery shells and mortars no one yet invented. The entire coastal strip of Israel may turn in the reach of artillery …

Now it turns out that the Israeli left wants to give the enemy the opportunity to destroy us in the most effective way, with no protection. No doubt that the Palestinians will utilize this opportunity. If we allow the revival of the “Rabin coalition”, then we all will turn hostages. The choice will be death or flight.


“All” means all the inhabitants of Israel, Jews and Arabs. Israeli Arabs realize that their “brothers” outside of Israel hate them and envy them at the same time. The participation of Arab parties in the government, in principle, is desirable, under condition that the government of national unity leads the right and not the left. I would advise the “extreme right” (Yemina) to enter the government of national unity in order to balance the influence of the left.


The main threat to the people of Israel does not come from our Arab fellow citizens, but from the Jewish «left», which «for peace» yield to aggression, to unjust, illegal demands, acts both meanly and stupidly. If you want peace, let seek justice, do not give in to evil. We have learned this truth from our own experience.