Ayatollahs do not sit quietly in Iran. Long ago they thwarted the implementation of the Oslo peace agreements, paid Palestinian terror gangs for every «successful» terrorist attack, and «compensated» the families of martyrs. The Ayatollahs created Hezbollah’s powerful military potential, and build up Iranian nuclear potential under the pretext of «liberating Jerusalem from the Jews”. The Ayatollahs scoff at the Holocaust and explained that two nuclear bombs are enough to murder 6 million Israel’s Jews. Like, Hitler was unprofessional. That is why Israel really needs nuclear weapons: to scare away those who want to perform a new Holocaust.

Iran ayatollahs speak Jerusalem but mean control over Persian Gulf oil. So, they entered into clash with Arabs. Moving Jews out of Israel won’t rescue Arabs and won’t prevent Big War in the Middle East. Jews and Arabs must resist Iranian aggression together.

The ayatollahs take risky provocative steps, with the purpose to draw the US into a direct war against Iran. For example, they attacked tankers and intercepted the American drone in international waters. Why do they provoke a direct clash with US forces? Maybe the ayatollahs want to draw their only ally Putin into the war with the USA? But this will mean a world war! Why do the Ayatollahs want such a war?

It seems that the US sanctions are really threatening the Ayatollahs’ power, and a wounded beast is three times as dangerous. In such a situation, Trump must show not only determination, but also caution.

As in the past, Iranian Islamists need an external war in order to have a reason to suppress the internal opposition. In external war, they will engage the patriotism and national pride of the Iranians, uniting the people around the idea of ​​self-defense.

So, what should be the reaction of Trump and his advisers in this situation? Of course, not to succumb to military provocations, and strengthen the economic war against the ayatollahs. Experience has shown that in the 21st century economic warfare is more effective than the “hot” war. This means that the US must strengthen economic sanctions and move to a direct blockade of Iran. Including naval blockade.

Unfortunately, in such a situation, the Ayatollahs can use their trump economic card, namely: block the Strait of Hormuz, exit from the Persian (Arab) Bay. The Arab coalition did not take the necessary measures in advance against such possibility. Arabs and the rest of the world need alternative ways of transporting oil, bypassing the Strait of Hormuz. The easiest way out is a powerful oil pipeline from Kuwait to Oman, where an oil port in the Gulf of Oman already exists.

Another alternative is an oil pipeline from the Persian (Arab) Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea, through Jordan and Israel. The more alternative exits from the Persian Gulf to the global ocean we have, the better. It is important to build these pipelines as quickly as possible in order to prevent the ayatollahs from blackmailing the whole world by stopping oil supplies. And at the same time do without the «hot» war with Iran and Russia.

In fact, the only sufficient reason for the war against Iran and a strike against nuclear facilities is the need to shut down the Ayatollahs’ nuclear program. To avoid such a need, you should combine sanctions and blockade with an intense information war against the power of the ayatollahs. All Iranians must understand that the ruin, defeat and the burden of their daily lives stem from the aggressiveness of their Islamist rulers.

The economic war against Iran is needed as an incentive that will convince not only the ayatollahs, but all the other Iranians, that for their own good they must abandon external aggression, including nuclear weapons. That the enemies of the Iranians are inside the borders of Iran, and not outside.

If you wage such a war decisively and wisely, then at some stage either the ayatollahs or those who replace them will be forced to compromise, which they have refused to do so far, and stop trying to establish their dominance over the oil of the Middle East. By controlling the Persian Gulf oil, the Ayatollahs hoped to dictate terms to the whole world, and this is entirely realistic. Traditional war, especially with the use of nuclear weapons, can only destroy both parties to the conflict. Economic warfare today is more effective in achieving its goals.

Well, what can Israel offer to help Trump and Israel’s Arab neighbors? Let us remember: the main pretext for which the ayatollahs perpetuate the arms race, including nuclear weapons, is “the liberation of Jerusalem from the Jews.” Of course, there is a difference between the pretext and the true cause, but in the information war, the pretexts are just more important than the cause.

I have an idea on this issue: let us offer Iranian Muslims to “liberate Jerusalem” by peaceful means. Namely: the holy places of Islam, Christianity and Judaism in Israel and Palestine will come under the joint management of representatives of these denominations. Then the “liberator of Jerusalem” will not be the military with a nuclear club, but the clerics: imams, priests and rabbis. And may the Iranians send their representative.

Well, if they persist that they need nuclear weapons, then we will ask Trump to deliver a “hot” blow. Of course, only if other measures do not help, and on the other hand the enemy will be demoralized and exhausted by the blockade.

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    Iran ayatollahs speak Jerusalem but mean Persian Gulf oil. They entered into clash with Arabs. Moving Jews out of Israel won’t rescue Arabs and won’t prevent Big War in the Middle East. Jews and Arabs must resist aggression together.

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