Over the past 30 years, several attempts have been made to an Israeli-Arab settlement.


So, the government of Yitzhak Shamir took part in the Madrid Conference in 1991 and tried to resolve differences with the Arabs on the basis of the Jordan-Palestinian version of the solution of the Palestinian issue. At the request of Shamir, the PLO delegation was included in the joint Jordanian-Palestinian delegation.


In fact, the Jordanian-Palestinian solution was proposed by Lord Peel’s commission back in 1937, and a moderate Palestinian party, headed by the Nashashibi family, agreed to such a solution. The same moderate party managed to suppress the armed uprising of the supporters of the extremist Palestinian leader Amin al Husseini, and sent him to exile. Subsequently, in 1946, the British returned Amin to Palestine, and he managed to politically destroy Nashashibi by arranging the Nakba in 1948, and then due to the assassination of the King of Jordan Abdullah (1951). Thus, Amin drove our conflict with the Arabs into a dead end, that we have not found a way out up to this day.



In 1969-70, Yasser Arafat tried to seize power in Jordan, but his troops were defeated by King Hussein («Black September»). Arab leader Gamal Abdel Nasser had a heartbeat, and he died in the course of these events.


In the 1990s, Rabin and Peres reversed Shamir’s program: they decided that in order to achieve peace with the Arabs, it was necessary to first reconcile with the Palestinians, and then negotiate with the rest of the Arabs. In pursuance of this plan, they signed and attempted to implement the Oslo agreements.


As we now know, this path was erroneous: the Palestinians, led by Amin Al Husseini’s relative Yasser Arafat, “ate” the far-reaching concessions of Rabin and Peres, and then thwarted the “peace process” due to mass terror against the Israeli population.


Let me remind you that starting from the “terror of Oslo” up to the 2001 Intifada, there were no Israeli occupying forces in most parts of Palestine. It was the cessation of the Israeli occupation that provoked the newly created Palestinian state to aggression against Israel. This aggression was supported by all anti-Semites of the planet Earth.


Around 2000, Ehud Barak tried to pacify the Palestinians with new concessions, but in return received an Intifada, and a revolt of the Arabs of Israel. Sharon, that replaced Barak, was forced to return Israeli troops to Palestine and gradually suppressed Intifada.


It would seem that everything is clear, we cannot appease the Palestinians with any concessions. They do not want peace, but they want the genocide of the Jews. Moreover, almost whole World, from the right to the left, from the Islamists to the globalists, “humanist” Europe and the UN, supported Palestinians in this endeavor.


Nevertheless, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni carried out a one-sided “disengagement” with Gaza. In response to the “disengagement”, we received a hail of rockets from Gaza and from Hezbollah, the threat of Iranian ayatollahs to destroy us with their developed nuclear weapons, the “investigation” of the UN and the persecution of Israel by the world media.


The left forgot its social revolution and focused on the destruction of Israel. “Humanist” artists develop the cult of suffering Palestine in their works that no one else would have noticed.


Our Yiddish mother from the United States disowns her son Israel and expresses solidarity with the prostitute of all anti-Semites Palestine, while the European Yiddish mother has long been killed and silent.


After all mentioned above, Barack Obama and John Kerry tried to reach a compromise between the parties, but the Palestinians did not accept even the most pro-Palestinian proposals, which Kerry had not agreed with Israel in advance.


No wonder that former party of power, Avoda, has almost disappeared from the political arena of Israel. Thirty years after Oslo, a new generation of Israelis turned away from the obvious left. The lefties have to disguise and hide their intentions before the elections. However, after the elections, you can buy any treachery. Perhaps there will be no more new Yigal Amir…


So, in this situation of hopelessness, rises Donald Trump and, while the Democrats are trying to arrange a coup (sorry, impeachment), for the first time in history  puts forward a logical program for a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Arabs … No, I did not make a mistake, having missed the name Palestine. This is intentional.


It would seem that this is contrary to my approach. Yes, in the past and now I recognize the existence of the State of Palestine. Or more precisely, of the three Palestinian states: Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza. Moreover, I believe, following Ariel Sharon, that the two Palestinian states created just Israel in the “Oslo process” and “disengagement”, and this fact must be recognized.

However, achieving peace with the state of Palestine due to endless concessions and retreats, is simply unrealistic. Until now, we tried to pacify the mortal enemy due to leaving the battlefield in panic. It’s no surprise that the Palestinians, with the political and monetary support of all possible anti-Semites of the World Village, behave extremely arrogantly, vote for the Hamas Islamists and do not think about peace.


Trump’s rationale is that he can only achieve peace by supporting Israel attacked by anti-Semites. Therefore, Trump began with the most logical and honest step: he recognized the legal right of the Jewish state to Jerusalem (I will not specify whether all of Jerusalem or only its western part).


Abu Mazen refused to discuss Trump’s plan. But this is excellent thing! What we have to discuss with him if he keeps in power only due to the Israeli occupation? Abbas cannot represent the Palestinian people in any negotiations because he does not enjoy the support of the majority of Palestinians. And those who enjoy support, that is, Hamas, do not want peace under any conditions and are preparing to destroy us.


No matter how much we want peace, we must recognize (and explain this to Trump) that peace between Israel and Palestine is unreal today. Palestinians seek a “final solution of the Israeli question” and enjoy the support of the majority in the World Village. We should strive not for peace with the anti-Semitic aggressor, but for peaceful coexistence with the Palestinian people.


Is it worth changing the status quo that has developed over the decades, for the sake of signing some new papers? We are a weak side in our conflict with anti-Semites. Will anti-Semites stop persecuting us just because we sign the papers and make concessions that will weaken us? On the contrary, their demand to destroy Israel will become more practical, it will be (actually, has already become!) «Realpolitik».


Trump’s plan should be interpreted as a peace plan between Israel and the Arabs, bypassing Palestine!


In Palestine, we must return to the plan of Yitzhak Shamir, namely: the first Palestinian state is Jordan. Both in the past and today Jordan is part of Greater Palestine. This fact must recognize entire World. We are talking about the formal and actual ensuring of the rights of the Palestinian majority in this state, under the auspices of the King of Jordan. In turn, the Palestinians must learn to coexist with other groups in this country, otherwise Jordan will become a second Syria. In fact, Trump is already probing the Jordanian option.


Peace between Israel and the Arabs (without Palestinian participation) is more real today than ever before. The Arab and Muslim brothers of the Palestinians are fed up with the claims of this cheeky and capricious child who claims power in the World Caliphate (I mean the Hamas program). They sit in the arms of their older brothers and try to command them.


After the “Arab Spring” it became clear: Arab nationalists have common interests with the Jewish state. The real enemies of the Arabs are Islamists of all kinds, from ayatollahs to ISIS. Europe and the American «elites» supported the Islamists and led a number of Arab states to complete disintegration. Russia has entered into an alliance with the Iranian Islamists and threatens the independence and the very existence of the Arabs.


Fate pushes us into the arms of the Arabs. If we have to bend under the scoundrels called Hamas, then to a certain extent it is worthwhile to bend (for example, pay them money in exchange for stopping the shelling).


There is no doubt that in any «settlement» the Israeli army must retain control over the West Bank. “Cessation of the Israeli occupation” will in fact mean a large-scale destructive war that both sides will suffer.


Some Palestinians understand this today. The Palestinians have learned to live and benefit from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, while remaining politically independent. Before withdrawing troops and declaring “peace,” it is necessary to conclude free trade agreements and joint projects with Palestine. Today, Israel and Palestine are one economic space. Both sides must benefit from this and develop themselves. The idea of ​​Oslo, to build a peace based on joint development, was correct. This idea was thwarted by the hasty end of the occupation. Now we have a real opportunity to implement the ideas of Oslo and move towards peace in the way that really leads to the goal.


No European boycotts, no European intervention in our conflict with the Palestinians. The European Union, at this stage, must be eliminated from Palestine.


At the same time, we must do everything possible to make life easier for the Palestinians under occupation and not to humiliate their national pride. For example, recognize the independence of Palestinian states. The Palestinians are our enemies because they themselves want to be enemies. The people of Israel are mostly ready for peace. On this basis, we can build our peaceful coexistence, which in the future, I hope, will lead to peace. And if not, we will simply coexist, without formal peace and a treaty that the Palestinians will not sign anyway. And if they sign with reluctant heart, they will be ready to break it at the moment when they consider circumstances suitable, following the example of the great Muhammad, the torch of all Muslims. It is worth explaining to Trump that contracts with “infidels” are only obligatory for “infidels».

«The deal of the century» let it better to remain oral. The Middle East is not America, there is no court and no rule of law. We are here as a stock exchange, where transactions are concluded orally, and are respected depending on the circumstances.


What really needs to be solved in a new way, is the question of the holy sites of the three religions in Jerusalem. Instead of “liberating Jerusalem” from the Jews, Israel should offer a “millennium deal” over the Holy Places. Trump’s plan provides a solution that should lead to the partition of Jerusalem with the internationalization of the Old City. In fact, neither Israel nor the Palestinians want to divide the city. It would be better to do without internationalization and the partition of Jerusalem.


I have already discussed this topic in the articles «Holy Places» and «Holy Places -2». My proposal is to jointly manage the holy places of Israel and Palestine by an inter-confessional commission of representatives of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. This commission should be supported by the governments of Israel, Palestine, the Vatican, the USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran. That is, three Christian, three Muslim powerss, and one Israel. The responsibility for maintaining security will be borne by Israel. Our ability to be responsible for the security of Jerusalem is proven by experience. Funding should be assigned to the protector states.


The peace process between Israel and the Arabs can continue for a long time, without loud declarations and solemn signings of documents. In strict accordance with the capabilities and needs of the parties. This contract should not have a deadline.