I have reminiscence from the USSR ban on nationalism. Western globalists go along the same Bolshevik path. They try to ban nationalism morally and practically. Globalist approach threatens the very existence of all nations.

The most striking characteristic of globalism is its counter-democratic way of seizure of the World dominance. Nobody has voted for Facebook, Microsoft or other corporations’ owners. Populist intrigues of Soros weren’t preceded or confirmed by popular vote.

Until now, the democracy exists in the nation-states only. Globalist efforts to destroy nation states aim at complete destruction of the democracy.

World Caliphate means Islamist globalism.  Muhammad claimed, that Muslims must abandon their blood relatives and join Muslim community. «Islamic Ummah» should replace nations.

Muhammad worshiped Moses but attacked Jews… Wherefore? At a glance, since the Jews were nationalistic. Currently, Islamists attack Arab progressive nationalism, too.

Nationalist belief has two faces. One is inherited and fostered self-sacrifice for the sake of community, tribe, nation, faith or other high goal. Another is chauvinism. Hitler, Putin, Erdogan are examples of chauvinism, that is devastating sort of nationalism.

But complete loss of nationalism encourages hyper-individualism, so demoralizes individuals, nations and entire Humankind. Currently, Europe is on the way of self-destruction, just because of loss of nationalist moral basis. Worldwide clash between globalists and nationalists becomes a core of political struggle.

Both globalism and chauvinism are immoral and destructive. We must find proper, middle way to rescue the Humankind. 

Globalism doesn’t mean progress. Globalists are people and groups, seeking World dominance and Big Money through destruction of Humankind. People have no choice but to resist globalism.

Western and Islamist globalists are allies, that fight together against nationalism and democracy. Both promote the artificial faith named «Palestinian Revolution», which replaced all previous social beliefs, and especially the Communist faith. “Free Palestine” faith was designed to “justify” Globalist attack against nationalism and democracy.


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