I remember well the ban on nationalism in the USSR. Today, Western globalists are following the same Bolshevik path. They are trying to morally and practically ban nationalism. The globalist approach threatens the very existence of all nations.


The most striking characteristic of globalism is its anti-democratic method of seizing world domination. Nobody voted for the owners of Facebook, Microsoft or other corporations. The populist intrigues of Soros were not anticipated and were not confirmed by popular vote.


Until now, democracy exists only in nation states. The efforts of globalists to destroy national states are aimed at the complete elimination of democracy.


The World Caliphate is Islamist globalism. Mohammed argued that Muslims should abandon their blood relatives and join the Muslim community. The Islamic Ummah should replace the nation.


Mohammed admired Moses, but attacked the Jews … Why? — Yes, because the Jews were nationalists. Judaism is a nationalistic religion. Currently, Islamists are attacking Arab progressive nationalism.


Nationalist ideology has two faces. On the one hand, patriotism promotes altruism, self-sacrifice for the sake of a community, tribe, nation, faith, or other high goal. The second face of nationalism is chauvinism. Hitler, Putin, Erdogan are examples of chauvinism, that is destructive varieties of nationalism.


The human psychology has genetic basis. This applies to nationalism, which has always been part of a person’s innate morality. The main role in ethnic identity plays the actual or perceived origin of the person or group of people.


Nationalism is embedded in the genes of person, therefore it cannot be destroyed for good. If you suppress this instinct in one generation, it will pop up in the next. The only way to really destroy nationalism is genocide. Therefore, it is better to recognize the inevitability of the existence of nationalism and try to turn it to good and not detrimental.


The “object of the application” to which this feeling is directed can also be determined by education, suggestion, conformism, or the psychology of the masses. However the environment and upbringing are very important, there is an opposite phenomenon, too: the revolt of sons, the change of ideology. When the old generation imposes its views too persistently, the effect is reversed. In essence, each new generation evaluates on its own the world around.


Yet in Soviet times, I came across a study where the conclusion was made: ethnic identity can only be changed through mixed marriages. A recommendation was offered on the Soviet “national policy”: to mix the peoples of the USSR as much as possible, promoting intermarriage. Indeed, the authorities followed this recommendation and encouraged or forced mass re-settling of people of the USSR.


Today’s globalists (as well as “Europeanists”) encourage immigration and the mixing of peoples for the same purpose. Eurocrats consider immigrants who are not associated with national traditions to be their social base. The problem is that many immigrants, and especially Muslims, do not feel connected with the common European tradition. This is the social base of globalists.


The complete loss of nationalism leads to super-egoism, demoralizing individuals, nations and all of humanity. At present, due to the loss of the nationalist moral basis, Europe is on the path to self-destruction. The global clash between globalists and nationalists is becoming the main political conflict of the World Village.


Both globalism and chauvinism are immoral and destructive. We must find the right, middle way to save humanity.


Globalism is contrary to progress. Globalists are people and groups striving for world domination and big money through the destruction of nations. We have no choice but to oppose globalism.


Western and Islamic globalists are allies, they are fighting together against nationalism and democracy.


Both imposed on the World an artificial religion called the «Liberation of Palestine.» The Palestinian Revolution replaced all previous social theories and beliefs, and especially the communist faith.

It turns out that globalists have a problem not with Palestinian chauvinism, and not with supporters of the World Caliphate, but with orthodox Judaism and with Jewish nationalism, namely Zionism. The «liberation of Palestine» religion was invented by globalists to justify their attack against Zionism, nationalism and democracy.


Sincerely, Jewish monotheism, called Judaism, is a purely nationalistic religion. That is why Judaism in its original form could not become and did not become a world religion. But the derivatives of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, did became world religions. Both the Apostle Paul and Muhammad rejected Jewish nationalism. Moreover, both Christians and Muslims shifted from respect for Judaism to the cruel persecution of the Jews.


Despite the fact that the Christians called themselves “new Israel”, and Muhammad made the Jew Moses the main character of the Koran (after Allah and himself), very soon the Christians accused the Jews of «deicide», while Muhammad peppered us with curses and carried out the ethnic cleansing of Arabia from the Jews. Before his death, he bequeathed to his followers to keep Arabia «clean from the Jews.» That was the globalism of those times.


Today, at the request of globalists, the “lefties” are demanding the destruction of Israel for being the World brightest symbol of nationalism. Interestingly, they simultaneously support Palestinian ultra-nationalism. That is, the modern Left goes along Hitler’s path, denying  equal rights for the Jewish nationalism specifically. The leftists perform joint actions with the followers of Hitler and with the supporters of the World Caliphate. The “left” Pope supports the «Palestinian Revolution» and Islamism. The British Left that began with an academic boycott of Israeli education institutions, now demands a full BDS of Israel.


But what may happen, if Islamist World Caliphate will become a reality? The prototype of the World Caliphate is the modern Middle East with its destructive wars. If this phenomenon spreads to the whole world, it will be simply the end of humankind. The uncontrolled globalism of corporations leads the mankind to decline and crisis, too.


The fact that globalization is an objective economic and cultural process does not mean that it can be uncontrolled, and given into the hands of applicants for world domination. Their purpose is to establish their own domination at any cost.


The negative consequences of globalization and the danger posed by uncontrolled «governments» spawns a response. Who is Trump, and why did he win the election? Why does Netanyahu consistently win elections in Israel? Why did the Britons vote for Brexit? All this is an inevitable process of resistance to globalism, and it is growing.


Can we give up democracy and our identity for the sake of the domination of the globalists? The answer is no, we can’t. Self-defense against the negative effects of globalization is no less natural than globalization itself. The conflict is growing.