All complaints about the Israeli blockade of Palestine are the Big Lie. There were Arafat and Hamas who imposed a self-blockade on Palestine. Through mass terror and rocket war against Israel, they purposely broke off Palestinian economic ties with Israel and halted Palestinian progress. They maliciously prevented the mutually beneficial development of our two peoples, outlined by the Oslo agreements.


Due to artificially created dependence of Palestinians on cash inflows from abroad, the Palestinian rulers imposed their absolute control over the Palestinian population. After all, this «help» is distributed just by the Palestinian rulers, naturally, in exchange for submission.


Hamas simply “intercepted” Arafat’s invention and, in the same way, established its control over the population of Gaza. Just Hamas closed Gaza and prevented its development. The leaders of Hamas quite deliberately seek to ensure that the people of Gaza remain beggars. Not Israel, but Hamas imposed a blockade on Gaza.


Actually, both Gaza and the West Bank can import goods through Egypt and Jordan, avoiding the Israeli “blockade”.


European sanctions “against Jewish settlers”, imposed at the request of Palestine, are detrimental to a weak Palestinian economy.


The only reasonable explanation for the suicidal policies of the Palestinians is that they are really trying to destroy Israel. Arafat, and Hamas after him, deliberately created a situation in which the peace of Palestine with Israel is impossible, and in order to «save» Palestine, it is necessary to destroy Israel.


Of course, the Palestinians cannot destroy Israel on their own, and they expect that mighty anti-Semites will do this dirty job, from Islamists of all kinds to globalists, leftists, Europe, Russia, etc., the list goes on. As long as anti-Semitism is alive, the Palestinians have a reasonable chance to destroy Israel.