Globalists claim the role of the Globe underground government that nobody voted for it. The World Caliphate also demands world domination for itself, despite the fact that nobody voted them either. Globalists have declared as apartheid not  Israel only, but all existing nations. They called our Protective Wall “the Apartheid Wall”. The Israeli Nation Law  is apartheid law for them, too. Actually, they demand the self-destruction of the Jewish state. Strangely, globalists do not demand the self-destruction of Palestine nation. For the sake of the inescapable rights of the Palestinian nation, they want to arrange a new genocide of the Jews. And these are the same globalists who do not recognize the right of existence for the Jewish state, accusing us of apartheid because of the Defensive Wall and because of the Nation Law.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)


    Wayne Nelson
    Total garbage. Apartheid Israel is a race based state. It excludes others who are racially not Jewish. (People can be Atheists but still Jewish).
    Apartheid Israel is part of the globalists. It is an example of elitist influence over Human Rights. The globalists agreed to create a race based Jewish state from 1897 — 50 years before Apartheid Israel was created by the ethnic cleansing of the then 75% majority Native Palestinians.
    A Jewish state can not be created by depriving the majority people their rights.
    There is another Jewish state — the Jewish Autonomous State in East Russia which has been established since 1928 — 20 years before Apartheid Israel. But Apartheid Israel deliberately tries to destroy this state.
    It does even matter to most Jews now.
    Apartheid Israel won’t be missed.
    Happy Tisha B’Av Forever for Zionists.

    Aaron Houseknight
    +Wayne Nelson
    Israeli Law of Return doesn’t mention race or religion. It does require from Olim (Jews arriving to Israel) to belong to Jewish nation. The fact is that the racially different Jews from India and Ethiopia became full-right citizens of the State of Israel.
    Regarding ethnic cleansing, the historic fact is that in the course of last 1000 years Crusaders and Muslims performed ethnic cleansing of the Jews in Palestine.
    In 1948 the Palestinians have left Israel voluntarily, because of they refused to become citizens of the Jewish State. Instead, they tried to perform an additional genocide of the Jews, just three years after Holocaust, that their leader Amin al Husseini participated.
    The Palestinians haven’t abandon their genocidal aspiration up to this day. Your Tisha Be’av allusion discloses Anti-Semites’ and Palestinians’ eternal intention to perform genocide of the Jews. This time, however, we will resist your genocidal plans.

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