Anti-Semitism does exist, but not because of the Jews. It exists because of anti-Semites. Anti-Semitism continues to exist even where  no more Jews remained, for example in Poland. Moreover, the anti-Semitism exists today where the Jews never lived, for example, in Japan and in most of the «third world» countries.


To develop this strange phenomenon and to bring at least some kind of logical basis under it, the anti-Semites replaced the ”traditional” anti-Semitism by the so-called “new anti-Semitism,” that is, anti-Zionism. The state of Israel was appointed by the anti-Semites to the central role in their Global theater of the absurd: the role of the object of insinuations and aggression.


Anti-Zionism is a modern “global” sort of anti-Semitism (Judeo-phobia). Anti-Zionism denies the human and ethnic rights of the Jews of Israel. At the same time, modern “left-wing, liberal” anti-Semites claim that they are not anti-Semites, since their hostility and lies are directed  “only” against Jews living in Israel but not against “traditional” Jews of dispersion.


Some of the Jewish Global oligarchs (for example, George Soros) decided to misuse the “New anti-Semitism” with the purpose to promote their personal global interests. The extremist, anti-Israeli movement BDS receives funding just from Soros. On his initiative BDS participates the campaign against Trump.


Jewish presidential contender Bernie Sanders defends Hamas and attacks Israel. Now, we are witnessing an attempt to replace Sanders  by the former mayor of New York, billionaire Michael Bloomberg. This candidacy supported George Soros and Facebook owner Zuckerberg. Usually, the Jewish enemies of the people of Israel disguise themselves as «the friends of Israel who are just criticizing this state.» They allegedly attack only Netanyahu, whom the stupid ultra-orthodox people of Israel accidentally chose as their prime minister. I found at the World Forum “Against the Anti-Semitism”, that many members of the Jewish community in the diaspora make themselves «clean» in the eyes of anti-Semites by repudiating themselves from the state of Israel and from Zionism.

Today, some unauthorized Jews feel  the necessity to apologize for the (real) crimes that  the Jewish anti-Zionists, performed against the Russians, Ukrainians and other peoples. Probably, after that, Israel will be called to apologize for the Global anti-Zionist Soros, who as a teenager helped the Germans to extract the hidden wealth of the wealthy Jews, just before they were sent to Auschwitz. I suppose that just then the father and son Soros laid the foundation for the subsequent “unexpected” enrichment of George. Today, Soros «feeds» anti-Zionist organizations like BDS, and Holocaust deniers. 

All this modern fuss of Jewish anti-Zionists reminds the Jewish Bolsheviks of the past, like Lazar Kaganovich, who in the column “nationality” prescribed  “communist”. By the way, in the very same years, George Soros’ father changed his Jewish name Schwartz to Hungarian Shorosh. Then his son, a global speculator György Shorosh, became «George Soros».


Zionism is a movement of Jewish resistance against the anti-Semitism of all kinds, like: genocide, persecution and pogroms on religious and ethnic grounds, “legalized” inequality and restriction of rights (in the past), “everyday” anti-Semitism, “classical” anti-Semitism of Nazis and of the Right, Christian anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism of Islamists and “leftists”, thousand-year old  aggression of Palestinians against the Jews, aggression of the USSR, Arab nationalists, Iran and Hezbollah against Israel, anti-Israel sanctions of the UN and of the European Union. And finally, it is also the resistance of Jews to the Jewish traitors and anti-Semites.

Along with Israel, the anti-Zionists appointed the Judeo-phobic, Islamist people of Palestine to the second central role in their Theater of Absurd,  the role of «victims of the Zionists«. In exchange for fulfilling the role of «victims», the Palestinian people receive full maintenance, armament, international recognition of Palestinian terrorist organizations (including both nationalist  Fatah and Islamist Hamas). Yet more importantly, the Global anti-Zionists perform systematic anti-Zionist, «pro-Palestinian» brainwashing of the majority of the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

The Palestinian people voted for the Hamas Charter, which is based on the requirement to destroy Israel, that is, to carry out the genocide of the Jews. However, FATAH seeks the same goal. The difference is only in the methods, and this difference comes to naught, too. The main reason of the Jewish-Palestinian war is Palestinian desire to destroy Israel. This desire is based on the thousand-year-old Palestinian habit of killing Jews, which the Palestinians do not want give up. In the past, this habit was considered routine, and the Palestinians were supported by the great Ottoman Empire. Today, the Palestinian killers are supported by the Global anti-Semites. Simultaneously, they claim that they are «fighting for justice» and «are being subjected to genocide.»  

Those who are preparing the new Holocaust of the Jews, this time in Israel, talk about the «genocide» of the Palestinians, turning reality upside down. In opinion of anti-Semites, “Justice” is the genocide of the Jews. The resistance of the people of Israel to the attempts of genocide the anti-Zionists call «Israeli occupation».

Anti-Zionists, both in the West and in Russia, misuse Palestinian anti-Semitism, and traditional Islamist anti-Semitism (Judeo-phobia)for their political purposes. Europe was «outraged» when Al Sissi of Egypt threw off the Islamist President Mursi. Islamist Erdogan remains member of NATO.

Let’s summarize. In this article, I just repeated the well-known facts and truths. Unfortunately, these truths «fell out» of the consciousness of the overwhelming majority of people. Massive anti-Semitic brainwashing through the media and internet has led to the fact that regular people have a completely distorted virtual picture of the World, which was literally turned upside down. And so I put the World on its feet. Such a real picture of the World is surprising for most people on the planet. So, let look and learn this REAL picture.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Zionism is just a quintessence of Judaism. The only significant difference between Christianity and Judaism is that Christianity turned former old Judaism universal (international) religion, while Judaism stayed national religion. Judaism placed Zion and Jerusalem at the center of Jewish spirit. Jewish Zionism never was interrupted. Jews re-settled to the Land of Israel in the course of last 2500 years. Let learn Bible, Ezra and Nehemiah book. Let learn the history of medieval Zionism. Maimonides arrived to Jerusalem disguised as Muslim. Nahmanides arrived to the Holy Land to die here. Yesterday I visited Beit Shearim necropolis near Haifa. There Jews from Roman empire and from Arabia arrived to die and to be buried at the Land of Israel. «Anti-Zionist Jew» sounds like «Religious Atheist».
    These Jews who arrived to Israel were and are Zionists. Those Jews who betrayed Israel, are Jewish traitors. Just like George Soros, or Jewish policemen in ghettos, or Jewish BDS members, or Israel Shamir. Unfortunately, such traitors are numerous.

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