Not the Israeli occupation, but the ongoing war for the destruction of Israel prevents the creation of a viable Palestinian state. The UN and European Union sanctions against Israel and against the Jewish inhabitants of the West Bank dealt another blow to the Palestinian economy.
Jewish settlers and the Israeli occupation contribute to the development of Palestine. This is especially noticeable when we compare the situation of Gaza and the West Bank. Termination of ties with Israel and the destruction of Jewish households in Gaza brought the Gaza economy to a standstill. Hopes for the speedy destruction of Israel by Iran (which the Palestinians faithfully believed in) did not materialize. And here Palestine is the old woman at the broken trough. Hamas began negotiations with Israel, contrary to its Charter and all that it promised to the Palestinians .
Since Hamas enjoys the greatest influence among the Palestinians, Israel needs negotiate with Hamas, and not with Abu Mazen. It makes no sense to sign any permanent agreements with Hamas. All agreements must be oral and temporary, as required by the Koran and the Hadith. Islamists should be treated according to their Islamic rules, not according to our civilized laws, which the Islamic nation and the Palestinians do not follow, out of principle.
The conclusion: long live the Israeli occupation of Palestine. So Israel provides, if not peace, at least the relative order and economy progress. Long live Netanyahu’s talks with Hamas, which Hamas has been rejecting for decades. Even if these negotiations fail, the very fact of such negotiations is the defeat of the Islamic approach, and this is Israel’s victory.