Anti-Semitism is the kind of xenophobia which targets specifically Jews.


The “advantage” of anti-Semitism compared to other xenophobic varieties is that the “object” (Jews) are not able to harm anti-Semites, and therefore are very convenient for all types of aggression: defamation, pogroms, “silent” domestic persecution, formal and informal discrimination, and finally genocide. Almost all crimes against the Jews go unpunished.


I have an exact answer to the question of why anti-Semites do hate the Jews: just because they want to hate. Often it is beneficial. To kill and rob a fraer,  you have to blame him for something.


The very existence of anti-Semitism does not depend on Jews, but on anti-Semites. Proof: in Poland, where there no more Jews live, anti-Semitism continues. Anti-Semitism exists as long as the Jews exist, that is, 4,000 years.


Anti-Semites dislike in the Jews everything: what is true and what the anti-Semites themselves invented. There are a lot of reasons for hatred and claims against Jews, and new ones are constantly appearing. Today, the most fashionable reason is that the Jews “stole” the land called Palestine. In fact, just the so-called Palestinians seized the Land of Israel, while exterminating the remnants of the Jews, who remained in the Holy Land in spite of all exiles and genocides. In the past, the Palestinians did not differ from all other anti-Semites. Today, they just  differ: they are the only anti-Semites who have been punished for their anti-Semitism.


The ultimate goal of all anti-Semites is the genocide of the Jews. After all, if the Jews remain alive, then they (or their descendants) may take revenge … The Ayatollahs not only promise us genocide, they prepare the ground. Their preparations include anti-Israeli brainwashing, a nuclear program, Assad’s chemical weapons, and missiles capable to deliver “conventional”, nuclear and chemical munitions to Israel.


Nasrallah of Hezbollah has repeatedly explained that Israel will be destroyed. True, he had to postpone the execution. Now Hezbollah is improving 100,000 missiles, increasing their accuracy. In 2006, I came under fire from Hezbollah’s rockets at an oil refinery. There, in particular, were stored highly toxic substances. If the missiles hit the target, the death toll would reach 100,000 people. Then (2006) Hezbollah still did not have high-precision rockets, but now they do. There are reports that they are also filled with chemical warheads.


The Israeli efforts to prevent such weapons from entering Gaza are absolutely reasonable. Those who are trying to break the “blockade” of Gaza, are preparing  genocide of Israelis. Yes, these very “human rights activists”, including the provocateurs of Marmara and all subsequent ones, are preparing the genocide of the Jews of Israel.


All those who disrupted the implementation of the Oslo agreements and helped the Palestinians, sought the genocide of the Jews. Europe, introducing sanctions against Israel, understands perfectly that the Palestinian goal which is declared in the Hamas Charter, and  which the Palestinian people voted, is the genocide of the Jews.


Anti-Semitism is «embedded» in Islam, originally, by Muhammad himself. Muhammad expelled or killed the Jews of Arabia, and bequeathed the Muslims not to let them back. True, this does not apply to Palestine. According to Muslim scholars, neither the Koran nor the Hadith demand to expel or genocide the Jews from Palestine/Israel. So Hamas Charter opposes Islam.


Muhammad personally set an example of how to deal with the Jews: let rob, expel them from their homes and cities (where Jews were the majority!), and finally kill. And cheat: before cutting off the heads of  men (and teenagers) of the last of the Jewish tribes in Medina, Muhammad promised them life if they lay down their arms. And when they laid down their arms, Prophet arranged a massacre, which He entrusted to execute to the future «righteous caliph» Ali. Brave hero Ali  was not afraid to chop off the heads of the 900 men and teenagers, after tying their hands in advance. Not accidentally, all the fighters for the World Caliphate want to begin the conquest of the planet Earth from the genocide of the Jews.


By the way, this story explains, why are agreements with the Islamists impossible. Just the Palestinians thwarted the Oslo agreements. The Shiites do the same inspired by their imam Ali. The “final solution” that Hamas and ayatollahs call for, is the genocide of the Jews. 


Worldwide pro-Palestinian brainwashing, initiated by media owners, global corporations Google, Facebook, oil and car giants, is an attempt to justify in advance the crime they are preparing. The Palestinians simpy carry out the order of all other anti-Semites, and are paid for this “noble” goal.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    Knowingly or not, ALL anti-semites seek just the genocide of the Jews. It is especially correct regarding anti-Zionism. Israel is under existential threat. «Critics» against Israel, actually, aims to disable any Israeli People’s efforts to defend ourselves. Whole Palestinian behavior and policy aims to provoke such a «critics». That is rejecting peace, bloody terror against the civil Israeli population, rocket and munition firing, onslaught on the border, «demonstrations» with the purpose to set Israel ablaze — all these aim to force Israel’s self-defense and to accuse Israel for «cruelty». This way the Palestinians perform worldwide anti-semitic brainwashing and give pretext for the new Holocaust.

    People are given brain to understand what is going. Well, maybe, most of people who performed Holocaust were ignorant. It doesn’t mean that they weren’t guilty. Likewise, modern supporters of Palestinian Cause are anti-Semites, even if they don’t understand what they actually do. It applies to all Jewish Israel-haters. They are immoral, even if they don’t understand their immorality. Today’s American Jews behave like some German Jews of 1930-s who voted for Hitler.

  2. Aaron (Автор записи)

    This propagandist movie distorts basic facts related to the Jewish-Palestinian conflict, which lasts about 1000 years. Up to 1948 the Palestinians were strong and attacking side of this conflict. Regarding «percentage» of land captured by the Jews, the pro-Palestinian antisemitic propaganda «wipes» such basic fact, that Jordan is Arab Palestinian state, which occupies 77% of former mandatory Palestine. Israel took 17% of territory, while West Bank and Gaza 6%. Generally, 83% of Palestine remains Arab. Regarding complex refuge problem, the movie ignores the fact, that most of Arab refugees left voluntarily, yet before Jewish self-defense or army captured related cities and villages. However, there were few exceptions. Ethnic cleansing (mostly Ramleh and Lod) was forced by critical military situation. Muslim and Druze Arab men, traditionally, were armed. Any Palestinian city and village possessed militant units which waged war for destruction of the Jews. However, the main threat posed invading Arab armies, equipped and trained by British Empire. Just the Palestinian leadership under Amin al Husseini invited Arab governments and armies to invade Palestine. Since Arab governments hesitated, Amin al Husseini initiated escalation of hostilities and massive exodus of Arab population. The Arab governments were forced to intervene, out of fear of internal unrest. Both 1948 and 1967 Palestinian flights were prompted by consequent Arab attempts to annihilate Jewish State, by the fear of revenge and finally, by the fear of Allah. Qur’an doesn’t claim annihilation of Israel. Moreover, according to the Qur’an, Allah himself ordered Moses to bring Jews to the Holy land. So, from Islamic point of view, the Palestinians resist the will of Allah. 1948 mostly voluntary Naqba was an act of humility before the almighty of Allah.

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