The «Old Testament» is our (Jewish) Bible. Christians spread it all over the world and made it the property of all mankind. The Jews shut themselves up, trying to keep the Bible only for themselves. In another hand, the Bible kept us as a separate people. Christians did work for us: they spread the religion of Israel all over the world. If I believed in God, I would guess, that He had so wisely solved the dilemma of how to preserve the people of Israel and make Bible the property of all mankind.


While on the other hand, Christians renounced their Jewish father and mother when established a church led by former pagans and came into power. Christians forgot that Jesus, Mary, Peter and Paul were Jews, they accused the Jews of killing «God» (Jesus), and then, under various pretexts, they persecuted and killed us.


True, the Catholic Church recently announced publicly that it repents of its deed. But this repentance didn’t last long. Since the time when Bergoglio became the Pope in Rome, the largest Christian church has turned back. Now the «leftist Pope» Bergoglio signs in his love for Islam, and makes a symbolic gesture: «praying» at the Protective Wall at Bethlehem. Whom and what he was praying for, remains secret. Most importantly, he prayed from the Palestinian side of the wall, and thus made it clear, which side he supports.


Today, the attitude of Christians towards Israel and Palestine symbolizes the new split inside Christianity. Those who support Palestine and Muslims against Israel openly betray the Bible and their Jewish «God», Jesus the Savior. Among the traitors are the top of the Catholic Church (whereas based on my personal experience, most of Catholics support Israel), then some denominations of Protestants (while evangelical Christians are Israel’s most loyal friends). Among the Orthodox, there is also a split between anti-Semitic traitors of Christianity and those who follow the true teachings of Jesus and Paul.


Yes, Paul did proclaim the principle of «neither Hellenes, nor Jews,» but that does not mean that he demanded the destruction of all Jews because of their disagreements with Christians. Karl Marx, who borrowed his «internationalism» from the apostle Paul, was also not an anti-Semite. Just today’s «left» heirs of Karl Marx made the «Palestine Cause » their anti-Semitic banner.


It turned out, that both parts of the Christians and Marxists rejected their former ideologies, and made a turn toward anti-Semitism, Islam and Hitler. Some modern ideologists of Marxism (for example, Roger Garaudy) formally converted ted to Islam, while «leftist» Jeremy Corbin tries to win elections, prancing on an anti-Semitic horse. Well, he has a good chance of winning. His predecessor Hitler won the elections in Germany and moved into power on the same horse of anti-Semitism. By the way, Hitler also called himself a socialist.


So, enmity toward Israel and «love of Palestine» became the credo that defines the ideological self-identification of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. The Palestinians managed to make of this fact a pump for pumping money into their pockets. Why should they work and trade with Israel if the entire anti-Semitic world pays them for their war against the Jews? Terror, coupled with anti-Semitic brainwashing, brings more income to Palestinians than a possible peace. However, now we begin to find out that, perhaps, they are mistaken.


The throne of Pope Bergoglio swayed because of corruption scandals. In Christian America, Trump won, largely because of Christian vote, especially the votes of evangelists. In Central Europe, resistance to the imperial and pro-Islamic policies of the leaders of the European Union is growing.


Israel has become a symbol of resistance to Islamist, European and global elites. We did not choose this role for ourselves, since we were forced upon it. After all, the policy of surrender, which we tried in Oslo, led us to destruction. Actually, just the Palestinians with their terror forced us to resist. The people of Israel did not come soon, but they made the right conclusion. Today, Europe, the United States, and even the Arab-Islamic World are next in line.

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  1. Aaron (Автор записи)

    «All versions of Zionism, including The Forward’s liberal sort, lead to the same reactionary end of unbridled expansionism and continued settler colonial genocide of Palestinian people.
    Zionism has always been a white supremacist, settler colonialist, anti-democratic, right-wing ideology, which hasdemanded a loyalty based on nationalist racism. Zionists of all sorts, including of the liberal kind, have collaborated with anti-Semitic forces towards a mutual goal of global apartheid, often at the expense of Jews who live outside Israel.»

    Well, that is what the Left declares against Zionism. While Hitler accused Us for being Semites, the Left accuses Us for being «Whites». But practically, modern followers of Hitler come to anti-Israel actions together with Left, «Liberals» and Islamist supremacists. More and more, Left goes along Hitler’s path. The mask is removed. «Leftist Jews» cannot survive, since the Left throws them to the debris. The 2000 years old story occurs again. Just like overwhelming Christianity throw out their «mother» religion of Judaism, accusing Judeo-Christians of double loyalty, now the Left throws out the leftist Jews. The Judeo-Christians disappeared. They returned to orthodox Judaism or turned «proper» Christians, breaking their tie to the Jewish people. The same dilemma face Jewish Lefties.

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