In this movie, the presenter cheerfully deceived the audience / listeners , counting on those who know little about Israel. The main lie is the statement that the Arabs in Israel are discriminated against. The real state of affairs is directly opposite: the so-called «compensatory discrimination» has led to the fact that actually, just the Jewish youth are discriminated against.

Statistics show that the average salary of a working Arab is somewhat greater than the average salary of a working Jew. This is because of much higher percentage of working women and a significantly smaller number of children in each Jewish family. True, there is compensation, too: in Arab settlements, prices are lower, and it is no accident that on Saturday, numerous Jewish buyers are rushing there. Then, if you divide the salary by the number of mouths, then indeed, for every «head» the Arabs have slightly less income than the Jewish family. This is not discrimination, but different stereotypes of behavior.

As for education, here Jews are subjected to the steepest discrimination. Passing point (“psichometry”) for entering the university is higher for Jews than for the Arabs. In the Jewish state, we returned to tsarist Russia and the USSR with their «percentage norms». As for the USSR, I am witness on the basis of My personal experience, while in Israel this lesson learned my daughter.

When I visited the very good and cheap campus of Haifa University, I saw there Arabs only, and the guards were Arabs, too. Jewish students are renting expensive slums far from their place of study. Those, to whom the parents could not provide at least a cheap car, get to the university by buses while changing bus lines.

And finally, there is the military service. While their Arab peers acquire profession, work, wife and apartment, Jewish youths serve 3 years in the army. By the way, the allowance that soldiers receive from the army is many times lower than the subsistence level. In Israel, parents give allowance to the soldiers. The military service creates a steep discrimination against Jewish youth.

All this is not enough. International «human rights defenders» created a situation where Israeli youth (soldiers) do not have the right to protect their lives, while terrorists do have human rights. The Israeli soldier is not permitted to kill them (a soldier Azaria killed and received a prison). The humiliation that the famous Ahed Tamimi subjected to an Israeli soldier is still a trifle, since one of her close relatives just killed 15 Jews, including three children.

Naturally, all this creates an outrage among the Jews, which anti-Semites call «Jewish racism», or «Hitler’s ghost over Israel.»  Well, the Law on the Nation does not solve the problem of discrimination of Jews in the Jewish state, but only hides it from the external view, so helping the worldwide anti-Semitic propaganda.