Jason Wilde

this jew is proven liar, which is a normal practice for any Jew.

Jason Wilde

+steve richmond No Homicidal Gas Chambers!!

Aaron Houseknight

+Jason Wilde

There’s no surprise, that some Holocaust survivors lied: there were Jews who maintained Aushwitz furnaces, and there were Jews like George Soros, who helped Nazis to hunt rich Jews.
Their lies don’t refute the fact, that at least 6.000.000 Jews were murdered by German Nazis and other European people. For example, all relatives of my parents were murdered not just by Nazis, but by locals, in the first days of Nazi occupation.
Vice versa, the investigations, initiated by UN against Israel, haven’t produce intended indictments by law courts. Goldstone himself confessed, that his «investigation» result was «inappropriate» to be submitted to the law court. Both investigations by the UN were based on unprovable witnesses by HAMAS.
All current accusations regarding IDF behavior against Gaza rioters come from Pallywood and remain unprovable. They fit the needs of anti-semitic propaganda, but cannot be submitted to the law court. Spreading Palestinian anti-Semitic propaganda is itself one more crime.