Instead of investigating Hamas’s crimes against Jews and against the Palestinians, and sending troops that will remove the criminal regime of Hamas, the UN is going to send another fake commission that will investigate us, the victims of Hamas crimes.

In fact, the United Nations maintains for 70 years the UNRWA, the so-called «UN Relief and Works Agency», under pretext of helping Palestinian refugees (UN never helped Jewish refugees, at all). This corrupt device for pumping out taxpayers’ money has taken care that its activities never stop. To do this, UN officials raise cannon fodder for Palestinian terrorist organizations, in their schools in Gaza and elsewhere. Actually, UNRWA organization has created Hamas.

Hamas is holding hostage two million people in Gaza, who were deliberately deprived of their livelihood.

The Palestinian leaders staged the terror of Oslo and the terror of the Intifada primarily to stop the economic ties between Israel and Palestine. And they achieved this goal: 200,000 residents of Gaza and the West Bank could no longer work in Israel, where they earned well and provided decent living for their families.

Terrorist rulers of Palestine literally blew up 10 industrial zones built in accordance with the Oslo agreements in Gaza and the West Bank. They have achieved that Jews were evicted from Gaza, and their farms, which gave work to the workers of Gaza, were liquidated. Now Mahmoud Abbas demands the same for the West Bank. Sanctions against Jewish enterprises in the West Bank deprived work and income part of the Palestinians.

The ideal position to which terrorist rulers are striving is that which exists today in Gaza: a hungry people who receive their pathetic ration from terrorists and carry out all orders, otherwise people will lose this pathetic soldering, too. That is why Hamas can throw hundreds of thousands of unarmed Gaza residents, including women and children, to storm border fences. North Korean communists have not yet grown to the level of their Palestinian «brothers in the class.»

Hamas, and Fatah are criminal mafias, who established their control over the population by depriving the Palestinians of the opportunity to feed themselves with their labor. Palestinians are forced to go unarmed to battle, fearing starvation or death.

The international community has an obligation to release the Palestinian people from the yoke of Palestinian criminal mafias. Unfortunately, the anti-Semitic UN is not able to do so. I believe that the US and Russia, with the support of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, should take control of Gaza.

The military wing of Hamas, which rules this party, should be eliminated. The political wing can act legally. It is important to deprive Hamas of the means of war and terror, and most importantly — the ability to keep the population in fear, threatening to starve. The aid that Gaza’s people receive must be distributed not by criminals nor by UN, but by protector states. The corrupted UN has already proved that it cannot perform such a task.

Gaza should be turned into a protectorate. Legally, the status of the protectorate is stipulated in the UN Charter. In the Gaza protectorate, free elections can be held. If these elections win the political wing of Hamas headed by Ismail Haniyeh, then it will be possible to transfer to him the civil power in the Gaza protectorate, but not control over money and security. This control will remain in the hands of the Protector states.

In conditions of peace and security, it will be possible to ensure the accelerated development of Gaza. The problem of the lack of territory can be resolved through exchange: in response to international recognition of the Jewish «settlements» of the West Bank, including the united Jerusalem, Israel will be able to «add» the land to Gaza.

If Egypt agrees to help its brothers in Gaza (most of whom are descendants of Egyptian fellahs who settled in the Land of Israel in 1834-1840), this will help to solve the problems of the people of Gaza.

If the UN and the Organization of the Islamic Conference continue their policy of destroying Israel in order to satisfy the appetites of Palestinian criminal rulers, the suffering of the Palestinian people will continue indefinitely.

We in Israel do not intend to surrender to the mercy of enemies, knowing that there will be no mercy. We will try to survive at any cost. This price will pay the people of Palestine, as it happened in the past. Remember the Nakba: it was initiated by those who declared their love for Palestine and hatred of the Jews. We do not wish disaster to the Palestinian people, and more than once tried to resolve disputes peacefully. Just anti-Semites leave no choice and push the Palestinian people to another catastrophe.