The majority (80%) of US Jews  voted against Trump, who promised to solve finally Israeli-Arab disputes, which harm both sides of the Middle East conflict. Previous US President Obama, who received  «in advance» the Nobel Peace Prize, managed to only exacerbate the situation by exerting pressure on Israel and encouraging anti-Semitic propaganda tricks of Palestinians. In the past, the democrats Jimmy Carter and John Kerry declared Israel «apartheid,» that is, a state that does not have the right to exist. Obama, together with Kerry, concluded a deal with Iran, which unleashed the hands of the Ayatollahs’ aggression.

Thus, why do these clever and often wealthy Jews of the US vote against the peace and interests of the Jewish state? As a pretext, explanations are about humanism and the suffering Palestinian people. I placed above the title a pic of the American Jewish anti-Zionist Noam Chomsky. By definition, this person is not stupid, he is a scientist and confesses leftist views. It seems that most American Jews support his anti-Israeli criticism, posing as a pretext the need for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. In fact, this «critical» approach harms the desired peace, since it encourages «pro-Palestinian» anti-Semitism. So, let’s figure out what’s really going on.

The Israeli 2005 «disengagement»  from Gaza teaches us that the cessation of the Israeli occupation of Palestine inspires the Palestinians to resume their attempts to destroy Israel. The feasibility of the Palestinian hope for the destruction of Israel is based on almighty global anti-Semitism, from anti-Semitic ayatollahs of Iran to Jewish anti-Zionists.

The more support the Palestinians receive, the less they are ready to compromise and peace.  The reasoning of the Jewish «humanists at the expense of Israel» is, that the cessation of Israeli occupation of Palestine will automatically bring peace, but in the real life, such a reasoning is obviously wrong.  In fact, it is impossible to help Palestine by encouraging Palestinian aggression against Israel. After all, it was this «help» that led the Palestinian people into a stalemate of permanent war and backwardness.

The Palestinian people suffer only because of their own «mistakes». In the years 1936-39, the Palestinians tried to destroy the Jews by their own force. Then the Palestinians rejected the British-proposed Palestinian state with the Arab majority and the Jewish minority, as they sought Palestine, «cleansed» of Jews.

Similar is the current demand of Mahmoud Abbas to «cleanse» the West Bank from Jews. Trump has not yet published his peace plan, but the Palestinians have already rejected it. They are only interested in Palestine, which will be «Judenfrei», and are not ready to compromise.

The Nakba of 1948 was the result of Palestinian attempts to genocide of Jews, first of all with the help of Hitler (1939-1945). According to the diary of the Palestinian leader Amin al-Husseini, Hitler promised him, «in a proper time», to occupy the Middle East and crack down on the Jews. By the way, Amin asked Hitler’s consent to «solve the Jewish question» not only in Palestine, but throughout whole Middle East. Hitler replied:  «Jews are yours», that is, let do to them what you wish.

It is known that in 1941 the Nazis created (in Athens) «Einsatzkommando  Aegipten», whose task was the forthcoming genocide of Jews in the Middle East. This group waited in vain in the course of a half of the WWII. Rommel failed to break into Palestine in 1940. After that, as the main direction of the attack on the Middle East, Hitler chose the path through the Caucasus, but this plan also fell because of the Stalingrad defeat.

On the other hand, the Jews of Palestine were preparing to «meet» the Nazis. The leadership of Yishuv planned to evacuate all the Jews of Palestine to Mount Carmel and to keep there the defenses.

So, just in Palestine, the Nazis did not succeed in the Holocaust. But Great Britain, with the assistance of de Gaulle, freed Amin al Husseini from imprisonment (1946), and gave him the opportunity to lead the Palestinian people. For what purpose did they do this? It turns out that the British colonial officials tried to arrange the genocide of Jews at the hands of the Palestinians. Since the commander of the British forces in Palestine unequivocally stated that his army would not carry out the order to annihilate the Jews, the Foreign Ministry and intelligence tried to employ in the «cause” the Palestinians and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood , and finally the British Arab allies. Stalin thwarted these plans, giving Israel support at the most critical moment.

At the call and under the command of Husseini, the Palestinians tried to arrange massacres for Jews in the winter and spring of 1948, but failed, and began to flee in panic. This was the Nakba. In this first direct confrontation with Jewish self-defense, the Palestinians were defeated and began to place all their hopes on the external intervention of the Arabs. The intervention of Britain and Arab states on the side of the Palestinians in the 1948 war, and then the expulsion of Jews from the Arab countries as a result of the wave of anti-Semitism that the Palestinians inspired, turned the Nakba irreversible.

Then it became obvious that the Palestinians are instigating anti-Semitism outside of Palestine, I would say, on their own misfortune.

The Nachsa of 1967 was the result of another Palestinian attempt to destroy Israel, this time with the help of the USSR, Nasser and other Arab nationalists.

In the 1990s, having received support from both Iran and the West, the Palestinians blew up the Oslo process and since then they have only demanded to destroy Israel, not agreeing to any compromises. Such is the only explanation of the election results, where Hamas has won with its Charter of the destruction of Israel. Palestinian realists are in the minority, and they are incapable to convince the Palestinian people, in particular because of well known Palestinian obsession with the destruction of Israel is supported by the entire anti-Semitic world.

All the so-called «gestures» that Israel has agreed to pacify the Palestinians, have always led to another improvement in the appetite of the Palestinian people, and to the aggravation of Palestinian propaganda and terrorist attacks. It is noteworthy that as the appetite of the Palestinians increased, former «peace advocates» ceased to promise to Israel  “peace in exchange for concessions”, and now they demand our complete destruction, declaring us «apartheid» and «colonizers». The compromise that Trump proposes has suddenly become unacceptable for the «humanists».

In fact, in order to secure their legitimate rights, the Palestinians must abandon their eternal desire to destroy Jews and Israel, and to cease cooperation with anti-Semitic forces such as a united Europe, American democrats, Iran, Hezbollah, BDS and Islamists who seek the genocide of Jews.

The Israelis do only what the Palestinians impose on them, with the help of all the other anti-Semites. We cannot change our behavior, that is, to give up our self-defense. No pressure, through war, terror, sanctions, boycott and de-legitimization, will not stop our resistance to genocide. Only a secure, guaranteed peace will make it possible to end the occupation of the West Bank. In this case, the withdrawal of Israeli troops may be the last, but not the first step towards peace. This is the reality created by anti-Semitic aggression against Israel, which Palestinians participate.

This condition should also be understood by Trump when developing his peace plan. Measures to limit the aggressiveness of Hamas must continue, and here the international intervention will be necessary. I believe that it is necessary to introduce to Gaza the same inter-Arab forces that Trump would like to introduce into Syria.

The Jews of the West must finally understand that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. You cannot save yourself from anti-Semitism, by demonstrating your love for anti-Semitic Palestine. Cowardly Jewish traitors will be punished not by Israel, but by the anti-Zionists themselves, who are in fact classical anti-Semites.

«Settlers» take care of the Jews of the Diaspora, trying to preserve a place for those refugees who will be forced to flee from anti-Semites (and this situation becomes more and more real). Instead of criticizing the «settlers», humane Jews should explain to everyone that the «settlers» did not violate any laws. All «settlements» correspond to the Oslo peace agreements. Destroying Jewish villages and cities, and forcefully evicting Jews from their homeland — this will be another anti-Semitic crime that will only encourage the aggressiveness of the Palestinians. The experience of Gaza, where Jews were evicted in order to save them from terror , is very convincing.

The Palestinians can be compensated for their «losses» by land swaps, which were already discussed during the previous peace talks.

The IDF defends Israel, inter alia, as a refuge for all Jews. We try to fulfill this task while observing the laws. It is Hamas that violates the laws, using a massive «human shield». Hamas turned the civilians of Gaza and Israel into their hostages, refusing any co-existence with the Jews. Let humanists explain to the Palestinians that only the peace can solve the problems of Gaza, including the problem of overpopulation.

Hamas deliberately creates the suffering of the population in Gaza as an excuse for the war to destroy Israel, and delivers these sufferings as a spiritual food to the whole world. Anti-Semites distribute and consume propaganda materials created by Palestinians.

Politicians like Ali Khamenei, Erdogan, George Galloway or Jeremy Corbin, misuse Palestinian propaganda to achieve their personal and party goals. Well, yes, Hitler achieved great success due to his anti-Semitic propaganda, so many politicians try to imitate his success using an anti-Semitic «pro-Palestinian» horse.

As a result, Palestinian propaganda creates the basis for a new explosion of anti-Semitism. Those Jews who support the «Palestinian cause» are digging their own grave. Anti-Semites do not distinguish between «good» or «bad» Jews. They use the support of the Jews as long as it is useful to them, and then they will throw these stupid traitors into a trash, or worse.

There are several explanations for mental aberration, which leads enlightened Jewish «humanists» to obviously idiotic conclusions:

1.The general atmosphere of anti-Semitism, pressure and fear of disapproval from all around,

2.Career and monetary interest,

3.Extreme naivety, subject to mass anti-Israel brainwashing by the media,

4.Well known Jewish self-hating,

5.A combination of these mentioned  factors.

But what could be the realistic reaction of the Jews to their justified fear of the old and «new» anti-Semites? In fact, the Diaspora Jews have only one opportunity to repel anti-Semitic attacks: to expose the immoral anti-Zionist lies of Palestinians and to endorse Israel by «Hasbara», that is, clarification. You can criticize Israel, but only after a thorough study and analysis of history and current facts. Of course, not on the basis of that stream of lies that that the Pallywood and almost all the media bring down on our heads.