Each shot to the «demonstrators» of Hamas is documented by the relevant service of the IDF. Anti-Semitic «humanists» can check how justified our soldiers are firing for liquidation.

Hamas itself acknowledged that 50 of the 62 «victims» are members of Hamas:


Islamic Jihad is silent, but members of this terrorist organization were also shot at the border.

«The Jewish Chronicle

Senior Hamas figure says 50 of 62 Gaza border deaths were its own members

The violence on the border was the bloodiest for Palestinians since the 2014 Gaza conflict


Vitaliy Simanovich: The children died in the protests, if the shots were so accurate, then for what purposes they were killed?


«The parents, heartbroken after their eight-month-old child, Laila Anwar al-Gandur, died last night as a result of suffocation from the inhalation of tear gas, which was used by the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza.»

Tear gas is allowed to be used to disperse the demonstrations. Hamas sent entire families into violent «protests», so Hamas is responsible for all deaths. Those families who took their children  to participate in violent actions, to break through the border, took on them a heavy responsibility.

By the way, the Israeli forces do not occupy nothing, they protect the territory and the population of Israel from Islamist invaders who use the population as a «human shield».

Hamas leaders do not accidentally state that most of the dead are members of this organization. They have to fight back the justified accusations of the Palestinians that the Gaza rulers doomed the population to suffering. These Palestinian terrorists blew up a gas pipeline from Israel to Gaza, interrupted the delivery of food and essentials from Israel to the Palestinian population. Residents of Gaza know from where they get everything they need for life.

The promises of Hamas to destroy Israel with the help of Iran come not true, the Palestinians cannot longer wait for the fulfillment of these promises. Therefore the ideologists of Hamas came up with a new trick: let run from hunger to Israel. Many fell on this bait, whole families with children went to break through to Israel.

Residents of Gaza are perfectly aware that their relatives in Israel are well arranged, that «Israeli apartheid» is one hundred percent lie. Hamas’ brainwashing is no longer valid.

The idea of ​​an international occupation of Gaza came on time, but it can only be implemented with the consent of Israel. And for this, the Palestinians must agree to peace, including the necessary concessions.

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