According to Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israeli death casualties reach 25.000. Among these, 17.000 soldiers and 4.000 civilians fell from 1948 to 2018 (Independent Israel). These fallen soldiers include about 400 Druze and 150 Bedouin soldiers. Civilian losses include Arab citizens’ losses, too.

Most of Israeli losses were caused by the Palestinians or as the result of Arab, British, USSR and Islamist aggression, which the Palestinians have invited. Both Great Britain and the USSR participated anti-Israel aggression in a less or more open way. In the course of last 20 years, Iran is the leading force of anti-Israel aggression. it inspired and paid for Hizbullah and HAMAS aggressiveness. For example, before Palestinian authority started paying terrorist families, Iran did it.

In the course of British rule (1920-1948) 1303 Jews were killed inside Palestine boundaries (1019 civilians and 284 militants). In addition, 1328 Holocaust refugees perished as the result of British naval blockade of Palestine.

May their memory be blessed.

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  1. AaronAaron (Автор записи)

    The genesis of Israeli self-defense was very slow learning, which lasts more than 100 years: from Hashomer units, through Warsaw Ghetto to Hagana and IDF. Simultaneously, there were numerous attempts to pacify our anti-Semitic enemies: 1949 ceasefire, 1956 withdrawal from Sinai and Gaza, Camp David peace agreement with Egypt, Oslo agreements, breaks of Zone C construction, release of thousands of convicted terrorists… In exchange for concessions we got further attempts to genocide us. Now, Iran is preparing to finish Hitler’s job. If Putin will enter the war against Israel, they may succeed.

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