Unfortunately, antisemitism pursues Me along all My life. I had no Grandfathers, Grandmothers, uncles, aunts etc, since they perished in the Holocaust. Starting from kindergarten, I heard how I’m bad, despite of, sincerely, I had no bad intentions. The open discrimination in the school, high school and work was instant. Many Jews I knew hided their ethnicity, changed Jewish names to «neutral». Sometimes, I discovered people’s Jewishness in the course of funeral or other occasion. However, in the course of My last years in the USSR I felt solidarity from My intelligent co-workers. 

My views are based on personal experience and life long learning of politics and history. Occasionally, My father was highly politicized communist and anti-Zionist. I was forced to learn politics starting from age 5, then I was brainwashed in the school and High school but resisted pressure from home and from abroad. I continue this task up to this day. 

I arrived to Israel in 1990, and in 1991 got Saddam Hussein’s rockets. I discovered, that Israel is the lone Jew among 200 World’s nations. My further experience was in 2006, when I suffered Hizbullah rocket blasts in the course of 40 days in July and august. My close co-worker lost his son, three workers perished while performed their job duty. Me and My family spent many hours in bomb-shelter, listening intently to blasts and to instructions of Civil Defense headquarter. Sometimes, I was trapped by rockets far from shelters. Now, Iranian boss of Hizbullah approaches My home, with his rockets, militiamen and drones. I dislike this proximity.

After Oslo, just the Jews have created Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza. My children learned peace in the school, but I witnessed strictly antisemitic propaganda while visited Palestine. The Palestinians, purposely and consequently, undermined peace efforts. The more concessions they obtained from the Jewish State, the more unacceptable demands they raised, simultaneously with terror pressure. Finally, the Palestinians launched Intifada aggression with the purpose to bury the peace. Why do? To annihilate Israel with the help of antisemites. 

Iran Ayatollahs proclaim annihilation of Israel, such is their antisemitic credo for both internal and external use. And they do everything to execute this goal. The Palestinians cooperate Iran’s efforts. HAMAS and currently FATAH, too, help ayatollahs.

In the course of last century the Palestinians helped all possible antisemitic powers, like Ottoman empire, then forced on British empire anti-Zionist policies, cooperated with Nazi Germany, Nasser, Saddam Hussein, the USSR, and currently cooperate with islamists, with  European and some american antisemites. Unfortunately, now, like in the past, the Palestinian people seek genocide of the Jews. They aren’t oppressed people but suffer consequences of their antisemitism.

The conditions of mutually acceptable compromise are  known well. The Palestinians exploit the differences as the pretext for their efforts to annihilate Israel, and call the World to help their antisemitic task. The Palestinian stance is strictly antisemitic NOW, and it continues Palestinian antisemitic past.

My point is, that the Palestinians differ from other antisemites from one single point of view: they suffer because of their antisemitism. The Palestinians were and remain aggressors, whose aggression was repelled, and therefore they suffer. 

Antisemitism does exist, it simply changed pretext. Currently, most of mentally ill individuals dislike Israel and feel solidarity with the Palestinian antisemites, the only antisemites who suffer because of their own antisemitism. Such is side effect of massive anti-Zionist brainwashing.

To achieve peace, we all, including Jews, Palestinians and whole World, must realize these basic facts, and do in accordance with this real situation. The «pro-Palestinian» myths are main obstacle to peace.

Well, I may keep silent, just like I kept silent in the course of 43 years until I leaved the USSR. But I believe, that the Jews, the Palestinians and the World must re-think what happens, and find proper path to peace. My personal goal is peace, but it will turn achievable only when we’ll resist antisemitism.