I may agree, that the West Bank and especially Gaza are Bantustan-like states. But who initiated this state of affairs? Those were just Palestinians. They undermined Oslo agreements on their own will, being incited by their own islamists, Iran and western «lefties». Just Palestinians have destroyed common industrial and infrastructure projects, forced construction of «Apartheid Wall», that is Defensive Fence, re-occupation of Palestine by Israel (2002), Gaza blockade after HAMAS’ putsch and rocket barrages to Israel. Just Palestinian terror forced paving bypass roads to Jewish towns and villages.

In another hand, I’m witnessing excellent highways, roads and interchanges to any big or small Arab village in Israel. Any street in my Jewish town bears name in Hebrew, Arab and English language. Arabs learning for driver’s licence, prefer Jewish towns, because of drivers obeying laws, and clear signs. 

And finally, Me personally witnessed, that my Jewish relatives in South Africa live in «Whitestan neighborhoods», fenced by 20-meter high «Apartheid Walls». I strongly recommend all SA visitors not to walk on foot, only by car. Political changes in SA haven’t destroyed apartheid, only changed facade.