In Mecca, Muhammad treated the Jews mostly positively, especially as  we regard the Jewish kings, prophets and patriarchs, whom he declared «Muslims.» But in Medina Muhammad faced rejection and criticism from the Jews. Most likely, he was reproached with ignorance of the text of the Torah and illiteracy.

Then Muhammad made a 180 degree turn, announced that the Jews «moved the sheets» in the Torah, and that he, Muhammad, received the «true» text of the Scripture directly from Allah. Then he tried to get rid of the Jews at all.

So, in the 624-th year of the Christian era, Muhammad ousted the Jewish tribe Banu Kaynuka  from Medina, then in the 625th he ousted the tribe of Banu Nadir, and in he 627 destroyed the last Jews in Medina, the Banu Kurayza tribe. To sum up: at the arrival of Muhammad in Yathrib (Medina) the oasis had a Jewish majority, and there was only one pagan Aus tribe, then ten years later there were no Jews left.  The Gentiles Aus and the Khazraj Jews accepted Islam. This way the oasis Yathrib became, I would say, «judenfrei».

The guilt of the Kurayza Jews was that during the siege of Medina by the Mecca army, Kurayza tribe entered into negotiations with the Meccans and did not actively support the actions of Muhammad. They, as it said, «sat on the fence.» You could understand them: just before that, Muhammad expelled and robbed their relatives, the Jewish clans of Kaynuka and Nadir. And the Kurayzites themselves were in danger because of their unwillingness to betray the Jewish faith.

Nevertheless, after hesitation, the Kurayzites broke their agreement with Mecca, after which the Meccans retreated from Medina with nothing. You can say that the Kurayzites saved Muhammad for their misfortune. Immediately after the retreat of the Meccans, Muhammad turned his army against the Qurayza and besieged their fortress.

In the negotiations, Muhammad promised to keep the Kurayza alive, while the latter pledged to give up their homes and fields and to leave Medina. Such conditions were arranged by the soldiers of Muhammad, the Ansara, whose purpose was only the appropriation of other people’s property.

But, as it turned out, Muhammad had a different goal. When the Kurayza soldiers surrendered at the mercy of the victor and surrendered their weapons, Muhammad changed his word. He ordered his faithful assistant, Ali, to behead captive men and teenagers. According to the Islamic tradition, which is known to any Muslim schoolchild, Ali ibn Abu Talib, with the help of a slave, decapitated 900 captives, who were previously tied up.

Why did Muhammad plan and carry out this brutal massacre? I suppose, that he did not want let Kurayza fled to the Khaybar oasis where they may team up with their exiled brothers from the clans Nadir and Kaynuka. Hence, Muhammad already planned further destruction of Jews in Arabia, including a campaign against Khaybar, which he performed few years later.

Muhammad entrusted the morally difficult task of massacre not to numerous Ansara warriors, but to one man, his most faithful assistant, Ali ibn Abu Talib:

«In the history of Islam, Ali entered as a tragic figure [3]. The Sunnis view him as the last of the four righteous caliphs. The Shiites worship Ali as the first imam and as a saint, with special ties of intimacy connected with Muhammad as a righteous man, a warrior and a leader. He is credited with numerous military feats and miracles. «

The Islamic tradition does not explain why did Ali alone agreed to perform this dirty, bloody «work.» It seems that the Ansara were generally against such reprisals, which violated the rules of honor and tradition of the tribes of Arabia.

From this story, which is well known to all Muslims, we may understand, why the Shiites are so eager to destroy Israel. After all, for the Shiites, unlike the Sunnis, Ali is not just the «fourth righteous Caliph», since he is the First Imam, almost as holy as Muhammad. His acts serve an example for two hundred million Shiites. Every devout Shiite must emulate the Great Holy Imam Ali. That is, to execute the genocide of the Jews  in the name and on behalf of Allah. If so Muhammad and Ali did, then Shiites and all Muslims are obliged to do the same.

It does not matter how such actions seem to be immoral to mere mortals. Not the human morality, but the fear of the terrible Allah — this is the core of Muhammad’s doctrine. By imitating Muhammad and Ali, and destroying  the Jews, the Shiites consider they fulfill  their duty to fit the will of Allah. As true believers, they see this as the fulfillment of their religious duty.

But how, according to the model of Great Ali, to bind these Israeli Jews’ hands so, that they cannot shirk? The answer to this question I found in the well-known open letter of the previous Iranian President Ahmadinejad to the German people (Me personally have read this letter on Ahmadinejad’s website).

The Iranian president urged the German people to «shake off» the burden of guilt for the Holocaust of the Jews. Denial of the Holocaust has become one of the main motives of Iran’s domestic and foreign propaganda. It seems that this appeal fell on favorable ground. Today, the sinking European empire led by Germany is closely cooperating with Iran. All sanctions on Iran have been lifted, while the threat of sanctions against Israel is becoming more real.

For the Shiites, the dispute over Palestine is  rather an excuse for aggression. But the «liberation of Jerusalem» has an important religious significance for all muslims. That is why did Iran played a leading role in disruption of the Oslo Accords. Iranians and Hezbollah, which is financed entirely by Iran, were the first to pay generous pensions to Palestinian Shahid families. The so-called «terror of Oslo», from the point of view of financing and logistics, was the work of Hezbollah.

The Muslims relied on global anti-Semitism, and won. The UN is engaged in de-legitimizing and persecuting of Israel. The Pope declared Islam «the religion of peace.» In the eyes of Muslims, this declaration is tantamount to the blessing the genocide of the Jews. It turns out that Christians are not going to hinder the Islamists in their bloody «work.» Following the example of Ali, the Shiites want to destroy Israel with maximum comfort, that is, that Jews have their hands tied.

Yes, the Israeli generals want a war with Hezbollah immediately. After all, Assad wins in Syria, the Assad army, has accumulated great combat experience, and Hezbollah is stronger than ever before. Let’s take into consideration the Iranian forces in Syria, and Hamas, who prepared an extensive system of underground bunkers and tunnels, stuffing them with a lot of rockets and other weapons. It is not ruled out that Russia will provide air cover to the aggressors.

We’d better beat the enemies one at a time, but it’s unlikely that the United States, Europa and Russia will give Israel such a luxury. The US administration is paralyzed by internal strife. The presidential adviser on national security is known for his pro-Islamic position, and he voiced his rejection of the Israeli idea of ​​a preemptive strike.

The hands of Israel are tied. Ali is ready to chop our heads.

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  1. AaronAaron (Автор записи)

    For Muslims, who worship the Holy Qur’an, Muhammad’s conflict with the Jews continues up to this day, in the form of the Israeli-Islamic conflict. The Palestine-Israel conflict is only small part of the Holy War (Jihad) against the Jews. By the way, Amin al Husseini called his 50.000 men Palestinian forces «The Army of Holy War» («The Army of Jihad»).


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