The former lecturer of the University of Haifa, a former communist Ilan Pappe, calls himself a historian. He wrote the book ”Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”, where he claims that the «Zionists» intentionally drove the Arabs of Palestine from their native places. 

But here is the text of the announcement of the commander of the Haganah forces in the Haifa district, from 22.04.1948 (I’ve photographed this announcement in the city museum of Haifa):


Announcement of the commander of the Haganah №2

Our units, which are fighting against Arab gangs in the city (of Haifa), strike at the enemy and penetrate the nests of killers in the Arab neighborhoods to eradicate them, during the catching up they come across places sacred to the Arabs, as well as numerous abandoned houses, in which remained the property.

Therefore, I order the soldiers of the Haganah and the Jewish inhabitants of Haifa:

  1. A) It is necessary to treat with respect all holy places of the Arabs and in no way to defile them. Do everything possible to avoid entering the mosque, not to fight from within, not to place our soldiers in them. God forbid to offend the deep religious feelings of the Arab people. We are fighting a war against an armed enemy, and no one should look for an excuse to «defuse» their feelings, causing trauma to the feelings of the neighboring people.
  2. B) No Jew in the city should take from the property abandoned by the Arabs. Any property abandoned by the owners in the territory of the fights will be placed under supervision and returned in due time to the lawful masters.

Our war is fair and clean, no one should desecrate it with indecent actions. Those who violate this order will be held accountable and punished.

22.4.48                                                                       The commander of the Hagana

                                                                                     In Haifa


Obviously, the commander of the Hagana of Haifa district expects the return of refugees, otherwise how can he return the abandoned property? And why should observe the sanctity of mosques, if Muslims do not return?

A real-life researcher, Benny Morris, claims on the basis of documents that the commander of the Carmeli brigade, Moshe Carmel, asked the leaders of the Muslim and Christian communities to keep the Arabs from fleeing. Then the Muslim representative explained that their leader Amin al Hussaini ordered the evacuation of the Arabs from Haifa, and they would carry out the order. Then, the Christian representative explained in secret that the Muslims are exerting pressure on him, and he does not dare disobey. Christians, like Muslims, were evacuated from Haifa by all available means of transport.

The Palestinian Nakba was the result of an internal Palestinian quarrel between Al Husseini and Nashashibi clans. Nashashibis have agreed to the UN partition plan, and sought to include the Palestinian territories into united Palestine-Jordan state, under king Abdallah. The pupil of Hitler, Amin al Husseini, tried to derail this common Abdallah-Nashashibi project due to exacerbation of the conflict with the Jews. According to many testimonies, he, Amin al Husseini, ordered Palestinians to leave their homes. Finally, Amin al Husseini initiated the assassination of Jordan king Abdallah.
Another his purpose was to force on the Arab states a war against the forthcoming Jewish State, under pretext of saving the Palestinians from Catastrophe (Naqba).

By the way, Amin al Husseini called his 50.000 men Palestinian forces «The Army of Holy War» («The Army of Jihad»). For Muslims, who worship the Holy Qur’an, Muhammad’s conflict with the Jews continues up to this day, in the form of the Israeli-Islamic conflict. The Palestine-Israel conflict is only small part of the Holy War (Jihad) against the Jews.