After falling of Communism, the influence of Islam on the World politics is much higher, than influence of other ideologies. Islam makes real, successful Jihad which threatens whole Mankind. The World village cannot wait and must interfere.

One way to interfere, as I’ve already pointed, is international control over World’s largest oil deposits in Persian Gulf. Such control needs minimum involvement into Islamic internal business. Oil delivery routes may be laid trough desert areas without significant population.

The USA involvements in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and «Arab Spring» were both unnecessary and unsuccesful.  Finally, Communism was stopped inside Russia, while Vietnam remains just Communist. Due to numerous costly defeats, the Americans have developed their isolationist complex.

Now, due to control over the World Oil, the USA may repair mistakes of the past. The USA must try to avoid the biggest mistake, that is involvement  into internal affairs of Muslims.

But Iran is attacking just that specified World Oil deposit, so the USA cannot avoid involvement with Iran. The best instrument of such involvement would be renewed sanctions and international control over oil delivery routes.

An additional task is Islamist taking over Europe. Oil independence may help the liberation of Europe, but it is not enough. Muslims settling Europe turned problem, too. They constitute social base for successful, diversified Jihad, including terrorism and Money Jihad. Europeans must prevent traditional Islamic education and impose New Islam by the low. Muslims must abide the laws of host states. It doesn’t mean, that Europeans may abandon social problems of immigrants, discriminate or humiliate Muslims because of Burqa or unoffending habits.